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    Unhappy Auction House Slots reduced from 30 to 5 - unless you pay with points

    This was horribly disappointing to me. It really felt as if the auction house was redesigned and owner decided he now wanted more money from those that use the service. The fact that you can't use in-game coin to purchase the additional auction slots adds insult to injury. I like to create things and I like to sell them hoping to help others. I try to price things reasonably and therefore the only way it is worthwhile is if I make and sell a lot of items. Now I have inventory I cannot even sell until I purchase the additional auction slots (5 slots at 95 points) therefore to regain the slots we lost we have to spend 475 points which in real money is approximately $5. It really is all about money and if this continues I may quit on principle - changes should not take away benefits from current players and therefore current player should be compensated when such changes are made.

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    You could subscribe again to rent 25 spaces. I do not believe free players get any auction hall slots. Turbine is kind enough to let you keep five slot for being a former subscriber.

    Just be glad you are not playing Swtor. You get to keep very little when you drop to Preferred status. Swtor basically has Free little better than nothing. I would call it nothing+ - Preferred (people that spent dollars) - this upgrade gives you a little more nothing++ - subscriber who rent almost everything.
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    Part of this is to discourage abuse of the system by people who aren't paying, such as gold farmers who like to use free or very inexpensive accounts. In this case it is all about money, gold farmer money.

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    Sorry. Personal gripe, irrelevant to the topic.
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    The idea of being VIP is that you get multiple benefits that you would otherwise have to buy. Being a former VIP, you still keep some benefits, a pretty decent amount in my opinion, but I think it's plenty fair that you don't keep everything. $5 isn't an insane amount of money, and remember that you can also grind tp from deeds. Also, you can save some tp if you wait for a sale on AH slots or a deal for 20-25% off your cart in the lotro store.



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