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    WHERE was Weatherstock 2013 Promotion?

    I was able to join one of the livestreams for this towards the end of Weatherstock, and I have to say I was blown away how much fun this event was. The event itself looked awesome, but the reporting and commentary and chatroom really helped make it connect even if you couldn't make it there. However, I didn't learn about it until late. An in game Kinnie reminded me late?

    A few questions: this Weatherstock seemed very lowly promoted than others: I didn't see a massively article, CSTM is active, there wasn't a LOT of news or promotion by Turbine.

    I would like to request: MORE PROMOTION. Turbine has promoted some of the horse events, and a few other community sponsored things (example, fashion shows)...but this it THE PREMIER CASUAL LOTRO EVENT. I'm frankly surprised there wasn't more promotion, in more channels, from more people. Weatherstock has received news articles and mainstream press in the past...this seems like an opportunity that could be greatly expanded on.

    In some ways, bigger than a festival. Why not get support from turbine as if it was...for example, why not a launch screen reminder / graphic information? Why not a Dev article about community cross-referencing it? Why not an interview or interviews with the Lonely Mountain Band as a top 10 questions thing? There were vague indications of an event...free dance emote...but not nearly enough to showcase this. This is the equivalent of the emmys the Oscars or the Superbowl...as it applies to casual community sponsored MMO events.

    Celebrate the people and community of Lotro. What an amazing celebration of a community run, organized, ingame, social event of amazing and awesome promotion. Lotro's community is BY FAR one of the best, most supportive, and most active out there doing and hosting unique event. MORE celebration

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    As a player on Landroval, I can honestly say that not a day has gone by in the last 3 months that I -didn't- see an advertisement of some form for Weatherstock. Can't speak for the other servers, but with yet another year of record-breaking turnouts, I have to imagine that folk definitely got the word out about Weatherstock. It's unfortunate you missed it.

    I see what you're saying, but keep in mind - Weatherstock is an event put on by the players, for the players. Outside of a few people at the server control room, and a few devs stopping in to hand out titles, the Turbine employees otherwise have very little to do with the organization and presentation of the event. It isn't their job to promote it, even if they have in the past. And the company isn't exactly ahead of the 8-ball this year (there are still loading screens advertising that Wildermore is "coming soon"). I imagine the company was just too busy to dedicate a lot of time promoting the event, especially since the players do such a good job at promoting it themselves.

    As for gaming websites like Massively and the like... Well unfortunately, Lotro is showing it's age in the gaming industry. That's not a slight against Lotro, it's just how things go. New games are coming out and they get more coverage than 6-year old ones, even when those 6-year old games host giant community events like Weatherstock.

    I actually find it encouraging that even without the outside support of the company and the coverage of premiere websites, Weatherstock was still able to flourish. It's a testament to the dedication and graciousness of those who took the time to put on the event in the first place. And even as the game continues to show it's age, I expect an even greater turn-out next year. Hope to see you there!
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