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    Post [RP GUIDE] Eglaniel's Roleplay Resource List

    I originally compiled this list for my kinship, but I thought other roleplayers old and new might find this useful. This guide is intended to be a resource for both roleplaying newbies, those who are new to Tolkien lore, as well as seasoned role-players. Because of the depth of Tolkien's world, there is a lot to learn, and the task of researching can be daunting - but I hope this will help! Enjoy, and don't hesitate to share any other useful links. Note: Since LOTRO Lorebook was discontinued, some of the links will no longer work - they will be marked with * - but I tried my best to find copies of the documents instead.

    Updated 25/06/2014.

    If you'd like to share this thread, here's a handy link - bit.ly/RPresourceList


    1. General Roleplay Guides & Resources
    The tutorials here should help you either find your feet with roleplaying, or brush up your skills. Wide range of topics covered: LOTRO servers, character biographies, emoting, types of roleplaying, dialogues, and even some character sheets to help you fill in the blanks!

    2. Race-specific Resources
    2.1. Elf
    2.2. Man
    2.3. Dwarf
    2.4. Hobbit
    Covering the four races of the Free Peoples, I've included guides if I could find them, naming guides, articles on cultures, and Laurelin Archives searches for each race - in case anyone wanted to look at other player's character sheets to get some inspiration for back stories and biographies. In the future I may add a section for Beornings.

    3. Lore & Misc Resources
    3.1. Server
    LOTRO roleplaying communities and resources for each server. So far I could find only one, but feel free to mention more if you know any!
    3.2. Tolkienverse Wikipedias
    Good starting point if you need a clarification on any piece of Tolkien lore. Be sure to check out the citations for more in-depth articles and research.
    3.3. Lore & History
    Here you will find websites dedicated to demystifying Tolkien's world in more depth. Articles, interactive maps and timelines, cultures, Tolkien's songs and poems, and so on.
    3.4. Languages
    Right now limited to Elvish languages, this section includes links to sites dedicated to Tolkien's invented languages. Dictionaries, grammar, articles.

    1. General Roleplay Guides & Resources

    2. Race-specific Resources


    • Andarne's Guide to Elven RP - a comprehensive guide to LOTRO-specific Elven RP for those looking for an in-depth crash-course in everything Elven. Includes: Elvish culture: recording of time, ancestry, life cycle, daily life, marriage and sexuality, languages used by the Elves and beginner phrases, naming traditions (though these ought to be taken with a grain of salt, as others have pointed out). You'll also find some practical tips such as RP locations: do's and dont's, and how to use In-Game features to spruce up your role-play!
    • Ansereg / Elvish Culture: sex, marriage and children (PG rating)German version - discusses what we know from Tolkien about Elven social, romantic and sexual behaviour as well as gender roles. Interesting article, it was every useful when I was trying to figure out a plausible story for my character's parents!
    • Real Elvish / Elven Races - an easy to understand description of the three Elven races for the role-players and fan fiction writers.
    • Elven Naming Traditions of Valinor and Middle-Earth
    • BIM / Finding the Perfect Name for your Elf
    • Sindarin Name Frame - this generator allows you to select two Sindarin words that pixelted Fëanor will form into a name following Sindarin's rules to the best of his ability.
    • Quenya Name Frame - same as above, but for Quenya.
    • Elf Name Generator - based on realelvish.net, this generator tries to stay true to Tolkien's linguistic rules.
    • LA / Elf Character Sheets - read other roleplayers' character profiles for Elves.




    3. Lore & Misc Resources


    • Laurelin Archives - Laurelin server's Wikipedia to all things RP. You can register and create a character sheet, find other roleplayers, kinships and events, keep a journal or a gallery for your character, and so on. Highly recommended.
    • Landroval Roleplayers- similar to the above, but for uniting role-players of Landroval.

    Tolkienverse Wikipedias

    Lore & History

    • Encylopedia of Arda - "an interactive guide to the works of J.R.R. Tolkien" - essays articles on races, places, and much more.
    • LOTR Project - geospatial timeline of Middle Earth's history, interactive map of Middle Earth, demographics & statistics.
    • Timeline of Arda - useful for Elves and Dwarves especially, helps establish the backstory.
    • Real Elvish - famous for its name lists, phrase books and language resources, but here you will also find short essays on various Middle Earth races and cultures, their customs, and so on.
    • Breeon's Lore & Language link compilation


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