The Story of Vicktur Birchfield

Up till recently life for me had been simple and quiet.I grew up in Bree-land and for the past several years I lived in my cabin on the outskirts of Archet. The outdoors was full of resources to make a modest living. I hunted the forest creatures,wolf, bear, badgers. Their hides were easily traded to merchants in Archet, Combe and Bree for coin and supplies.There was the woodland deers for venison and elusive coney for stew. I had learned basic tailoring to create simple leather items for use and trade.I had also discovered how to spot the plentiful copper deposits bree-land was famous for, fashioning crude ingots that the metal-smith found useful. Also crafting Rowan boards from the nicest of logs that novice workers of wood yearned for.So over the 30 summers of my life I had made a decent living that was rarely eventful...till now.
I'd been out setting traps to catch boar piglets as to smoke-cure for the fall. They were a delicacy for festivities right before the winter time. As I came within sight and smell of my cabin I saw a band of twelve or more brigands setting my home ablaze. They had ransacked and looted all my stuff. Even stealing off with my only milking cow and laying hens. The group of bandits were too many to confront alone, I hid among the brush watching in anguish as the pillaged my small homestead.
Bandits had always been around of course, but as of late talk among the taverns and townspeople spoke of brigands becoming more bold, ruthless and organized. I shrugged this off as exaggeration, something to make others nervous.As I peeked amid my hiding spot I seen now that such rumors held so truth.Shortly they left into the woods laughing and joking at their destruction, it made my heart sink and anger rise.
I sifted thru the remains of my smouldering home.My past five years of hard work had vanished in a matter of minutes. Futile as it'd be i hurried off before dusk set in to report the disaster to Brockenbrook in Archet.Halfway to town I ran into a small group seemingly in dire straits as myself. Two woodsmen of sorts with a man and lady pair of Hobbits. One of the men was obviously injured, Amdir was his name and his companion helping him stumble along called himself 'Strider'. Putting my own misfortunes aside I assisted in helping this odd band onto Archet.
Strangely, none of use elaborated on our own woes, getting to a safe settlement was an unspoken priority for us all.I did wonder why two seasoned fighters were trampling about the forest with a pair of shire-folk in tow.Hobbit merchants, maybe? With hired escorts? Maybe waylayed by the same of gang of robbers that had raided me?
Later, I would find out different. As if by chance or design the events I would soon become involved in told me it would be awhile, if ever, that I return to rebuild my quiet homestead in the forest.

So begins the story of Vicktur Birchfield. I will be playing this character on the Landroval server as a RP, realistic immersion. I've started similar characters out on less RP friendly servers and opted out as to move to a more RP friendly world. The following is the realistic rule guidelines I will be adhering to. So if you happen to be on Landroval and come across Vicktur, stop and say "Hello"!

Travel- I will walk at all times. No running wide open except to evade combat, then only at a 15 second time limit. Horse travel is allowed only from standard mounts or faction offered steeds.I will only be allowed to purchase a mount at level 15. But I can only own one mount at any given time. I cant swift travel thru stables, use ports, muster horns or mithril coin. If I dismount from my steed, I must remount at the same spot. If staying at an inn overnight or during my rest period I must stable my horse at a stablemaster. No frivolous jumping, especially from high spots that would result in serious injury or death. I will not swim in my armour unless I am forced into that situation. I can remove it and then swim. I will stick to roads or trails whenever possible, only straying to hunt, mine or get to quest objectives.

Food – I will eat at least twice to three times a day, breakfast, shortly after I arise and a dinner, shortly before my rest/sleep period, these will be mandatory. I can eat rations or inn bought foods. But not use food items as a morale recovery device. I can forage or fish for a meal as well, as long I have at least 2 of a food item or combination of them (IE: a rudd and foraged tater). Also I will have to have a campfire to 'cook' these food items.

Map – I will not use the world map option. Only using the UI radar for guidance. I know as a player where some objectives and places are but I will use this as to say, Vicktur may never have been there but he has spoken to people who has or knows of them from lore and stories where these areas and places are.

Mail – Being I am VIP I have the field mail option. I wont be using that. I can use mail thru the regular box but cant accept items (unless its quest related) from other PC's this way. Theres no Fed-Ex.

Gear – I can use and wear any gear available to my class (Hunter), obtaining it from drops, self-crafted, bought, or traded for. I can get gear from PC's but only from bartering or payment, I can not accept “freebies”. Only friends that I’ve made a strong relationship with can “give” me something. These items cant be unique,rare items. (no one in the real world 'gives' away good stuff, right?).

Repairs – I can only repair gear of a certain type at an appropriate vendor (IE:Armour at an armorer, weapon at a weapon-smith, etc).

Auction Hall – I can use the AH. But only to buy or sell armor, weapons, clothing, dyes, recipes, and crafting mats. No LI's, relics, perks, buffs, rep items or such. If I win a bid, buyout or sell I must go to a mailbox closest to an auctioneer to complete the transaction.

Loot – I can grab any loot or drops. But sell only to an item appropriate vendor. Miscellaneous items can be sold at any outfitter, provisioner or supplier.

Rep Items – I can use rep items. But I must be within interaction distance of the rep faction member I am going to use. This simulates speaking of my deeds that impresses the faction adding to the reputation with them.

Resting/Sleeping – At the end of each play session I will have to find a safe place to sleep/rest. This can be an inn, safe inhabited town, muster site, campsite or self made wilderness campsite before logging off. This is regardless of the time it is “in game”.

Camping Out – I can sleep in the wild as long as I make a campsite in an obviously safe spot. Camping out will just consist of me doing the sit or lie down emote. I can also make a campfire (ability or not, everyone can make a fire, right?) as long as I have 2 logs of foraged wood, or bought kindling (Note these items will be trashed on use, its not like I can use these same logs over and over).

Hobbit Presents – I will allow myself the use of certain hobbit logon presents. I can use any buffs but only as soon as I awaken (simulates the well rested and 'go gettem' feeling) and only 1. If I get multiple buffs I must trash the rest, not saving them. I can use a mount buff as well, but only 1 and used as soon as I call my steed for the first time of the day. I can accept coin, simulating a payment of an odd job. I forsee my character must take time to 'work' some for regular means (washing the taverns dishes, cleaning stalls for the stablemaster, helping a merchant unload his wagons. Etc), so this coin I consider as pay for such.

Questing – I will focus on the Epic quests in the upmost,and ONLY in correct order.Side quests are acceptable as long as the bestower is not far off my destination. Also, I can never have more then 3 non-epic quests in my log or in my tracker at any given time.

Interaction – I will only interact with other PC's on an IM or RP channel basis. Reason is, conversations are not meant for everyone in the regional channel to hear. I can fellowship and converse with multiple PC's though. I can't shoutout or IM unless the PC is within earshot range. I will hopefully be adding friends to my list and noting the level of my friendship with them on a 1-5 scale. This scale will depend on the number of real interactions I have with them. A casual hi/bye is not an interaction. I will try to stay in RP form during conversation but excluding the thee's and thou's.

Dying – We've all been there, we get defeated. For game sake, when I get thrashed I will always retreat to a respawn. I wont consider it a true death but a real bad beat down and barely escaped. After respawn I will have to seek out a town or village and do a rest/sleep phase as to recoup. If on horseback and my steed bites the bullet, not so good, I lose it for good. Theres no recalling Ole Nelly after that. I'll be back on foot till I can get a new one.

Time – Some RP immersion players try to adhere to the in game time hours. I will as well, to a point. I mean I don’t necessarily see that I have to wake up at the crack of dawn and go right to bed at night. I'm not living on a buzzer alarm or have a true job as in the real world, so within reason I will do things at different hours. Maybe Vicktur isn't feeling well that day and sleeps in late, or relaxes early? I don't see trying to sell vendor trash in the midnight hours. So I won't do actions as that. Quests will be considered as I see fit by the in-game time of day. If I wouldn’t try it in real life I wont do it here.