Hi! I posted this in the looking for a kinship thread, but never got an answer from anyone from this server, so i copied my message here, to see if there is any kinship interested.

Server: Vilya

Character: Biorien (Loremaster, level 42)
Location: Australia (although im spanish)

I am not a usual player, as i have uni and work. I play when i can, once or twice a week .
I love doing quests, exploring and crafting. I also like doing skirmishes or instances in a group.

I am interested in a not too big kinship. Something friendly, where there is enough people, but not too big that you dont get to know anyone really well. I put a big emphasis on crafting, so i like when there are more people like me, to whom i can give the stuff i craft if i have spare or find recipes, and who can help me if i need something.

In the game i have the rise of isengard expansion pack and some other places like moria or evendim.

Lotro is the only mmo i've played s far (although im looking foward for the elder scrolls online).
I have to say that i used to be in a kinship, looong time ago, but i got really pissed off in the way they treated me and i've been playing solo ever since [ http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.p...hip&highlight= ]

If you are interested, just PM me in here or at the game