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    Mithrandir's Cohorts, Associated with Soldiers of Christ

    Mithrandir's Cohorts is recruiting! Our goal is to create a great gaming environment for our members where we can enjoy good fellowship. Everyone is welcome, you don't have to be Christian; we simply ask that you abide by SoC's Code of Conduct. We have a special, tightly knit community of friendly, supportive players.

    Our kinship house's address is 2 Chalk Road, Musthall, Shire Homesteads, and is open to the public for visiting.

    Soldiers of Christ has a TeamSpeak server which applicants will have access to. Simply join the SoC forums and apply for membership. See our TeamSpeak rules.

    If you'd like to learn more about us, please feel free to join the SoC forums and visit the Mithrandir's Cohorts sub-forum. If you would like to join, you can either reply here, at the forums, or PST/mail one of our officers:


    Thank you for your interest and may God bless you!
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    Welcome, New Kinmates!

    Hathorne, Level 22 Champion
    Malvaldor, Level 13 Lore-Master
    Cebifan, Level 21 Champion
    Voltar, Level 85 Guardian
    Hamagar, Level 63 Warden
    Ringrim, Level 55 Burglar,
    Arundi, Level 60 Hunter
    Hanowan, Level 49 Warden
    Hanaweth, Level 53 Champion
    Hanoriel, Level 42 Hunter
    Bravalia, Level 85 Minstrel
    Braviette, Level 49 Hunter
    Moriea, Level 49 Champion

    Welcome to Mithrandir's Cohorts!

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    Welcome new kinmates!

    Zulbrax, Level 59 Champion
    Inspirational, Level 30 Captain
    Hammlac, Level 56 Hunter
    Beaulithriel, Level 61 Champion
    Hafnote, Level 22 Minstrel
    Hanowen, Level 55 Minstrel
    Broddie, Level 68 Rune-Keeper
    Hilz, Level 40 Minstrel
    Caeleof, Level 10 Hunter
    Svaldred, Level 11 Champion

    Welcome to Mithrandir's Cohorts!

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    Welcome to Mithrandir's Cohorts, Hanowren!

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    Welcome, new kinmates!

    Samsolyn, Level 26 Warden
    Polyphonic, Level 63 Minstrel
    Honeybeez, Level 11 Minstrel
    Harmegiddo, Level 74 Warden
    Belvadell, Level 26 Warden
    Samforth, Level 25 Captain
    Jimmiejack, Level 85 Captain

    Welcome to Mithrandir's Cohorts!

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    Oct 2007

    I want to be in your guild! :)

    i have sended a reply before and firelake told me this was an updated thread about new members

    My in-game chars name is Morthanion, not Marthanium as i had written before :P

    May god bless thee and always be with you



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