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    World Status-Closed?

    I just tried logging in and world status is CLOSED...i have seen it being as DOWN before but never closed...anyone else actually seen it as CLOSED before?

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    You must trying to access Bullroarer. Status = Closed is when a world is up but only accounts with admin flags are allowed to access the world. You may see this status with the regular worlds at the end of maintenance sometimes:
    Down -> Closed --> finally available for us to use.
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    I have, usually during maintenance or patch downtimes when they're getting closer to reopening the servers. I seem to recall getting the closed message when I'm able to get past the login server but the world server itself is unavailable. I think "Down" appears when all the servers we have to connect to are unavailable.

    If someone more knowledgeable than me wants to weigh in, please do!

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    Always happens when the servers are on, but not yet open to players
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