Who we are:
We are a group of experienced individuals who play fairly regularly (mostly evenings/weekends), but also have commitments to family, friends and jobs in our real lives. We like to group together when we can, more for the fellowship and desire to see all of the content in the game (including the 12 mans) than to grind for gear (that’s just a bonus). There is never any pressure to group up however. If you want to log on and do your own thing that’s great too. We use ventrilo for in-game communication (the quality is much better).

What we want:
We are looking for individuals who also play fairly regularly and are interested in raiding(3/6/12 man) some of the time. But no strict raid schedule will be followed. Currently, we raid once a week on Saturdays. We are accepting all levels and classes, but the majority of our players are at level cap. No experience with raiding or the game in general is necessary. We are willing to teach the runs and the ins/outs of the game. All you need to bring is your toon, weapon of choice, sense of humor and willingness to learn. (Warning: Some silver may be necessary for the repair bills Above all, we want someone who wants to have fun, and not stress over the occasional wipe from a bad pull (or bad short hobbit jokes).

If you are interested in learning more about our kin or joining up, please send a tell in-game to Jeneth/Norra/Jenie, Agabah/Agabahh, or Taragor/Guiard/Gunorin. You can also post a message here or on our kinship recruitment forum on our website ( http://ih.guildlaunch.com/index.php?gid=109500 ) and one of us will contact you.