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    Question Cannot find Lore Master Brooch recipesw

    I am a jewler and a Lore Master - I want to make a brooch but cannot find the recipe Glittering Platinum Brooch Recipe - I have tried to search for them on line but to no avail - it said I can buy them in the store and that doesn't seem to be true - can't buy them from vendor regular or guild - any help locating them is greatly appreciated

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    I believe you have to butcher truck loads of humanoids of the correct level until the recipe drops. Platinum sounds like a tier 4 recipe. That should be level 35-44 mobs. You tell for sure as soon as the first recipe drops. If it is the wrong tier even if it is for a different profession --> you need to start killing something else.

    Single recipes are no longer sold in the store. Many of the fan sites have not updated their documentation to reflect the changes made for recipes back in 2012. Instead you have to buy a complete book of all jeweler recipes for a single tier. Going this route is an expensive solution if you only need a single recipe. The recipe books do not contain all recipes. I do not remember the conditions and limitations. I believe it is no guild, reputation, barter and vendor recipes.

    You should be able to find more information in the Lotro-wiki:
    and there should be entries for the recipe books.
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    These recipes used to be single-shot recipes but that was changed some little time ago to to mass-production ones. Still, they do drop quite rarely. I needed 4 Characters through the corresponding levels and a lot of deeds to come up with the one you are looking for.
    Another solutioin might be you ask for that recipe in the trade-chat in the region where this is dropping and maybe a gentle soul will help you out, or in Bree, Esteldin or even the global trade channel. A visit to the Auction House might help as well. Set the search-settings to sort by name and quality=usable to show unknown recipes at the top of the list. It might also be that by using the chat, you'll come upon another jeweller who will craft the brooch for you. Just give it a try and you'll get to it.
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    Asking in the regional chat, asking friends and kin members to check what recipe they found has worked well for me.

    The number of buyers for recipes is so low that I stopped taking recipies to the Auction Hall years ago. Most people including me either vendor or destroy them. It has to be a recipe that I think might sell. One shot recipe especially a Journal. Or a new recipe that was added in a recent update most people do not have yet.
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