Smokes, Ales, and Tales is a new RP event on Windfola! Everyone is invited to come and join the fun in the Prancing Pony, A well known and easily reachable location. Whenever I can find a cook to hire, I will, and from time to time I'll have to leave. The festivities start at 7 PM Eastern, Sunday nights. When I stay till is when I feel, but that doesn't mean the festivities end! If I am not on I will post a message saying that I'm not on and have a friend in LOTRO start it up for me, if I am not there at the start, you can expect me to show up no matter what! Here are some highlights from last night:

This pic was taken before I had to leave.

This is a pic of my guardian, Aideani, playing the harp in gloom bane.

The only thing I don't know how to do is to put something on the Calendar. If you know how, send me mail via this site, and I'll hopefully help you out someway in-game. Although I call it a RP event, we still talk about LOTRO and things they should add or take out, so I think it is but it's not RP. If you want to cook, Send me mail via this site. If I get many cooks, they will all be hired. If you don't think this is going to be fun, drop by some time and we'll show you how you're wrong! If you end up coming to Smokes, Ales, and Tales, I thank you for attending.

~~Aideani Sakuraba/Sicron Belan