I just got back online after a few months, and as expected my house was locked. I went grinding for a while, built up about two gold and went to see about unlocking it, but for some reason I can't even see how much gold/silver it will cost to do so. All there is is a grey bar that says I cannot afford to unlock my house right now, and I'd put it off and figure it out later but there's also the fact that I'm going to be completely foreclosed in two weeks. I also see some disturbing reminder about something called Mithril Coins, and I'm hoping to god I don't have to pay honest money for some bs tokens to do what I used to do for free, because I start playing this game whenever I don't have the money to spend on real fun.

The worst that happens is I make the gold it cost to buy, abandon it and then immediately re-buy it again, but it's like 8 gold and I was worn out after the first two. So I guess my question is: How much would it cost to unlock it, in silver, or are these stupid MCs the only way? If I were to try to buy the house all over again, would it be available for the 8g50s, or will all housing transactions from this day forward be done strictly through MCs?