Hello wargies! I've been playing around with some builds/tactics and stances in varies 1v1s. I've had all sorts of success (And failures but to those! ). So I decided to put this page together to find out what you guys use (Traits, stances, tactics ect.) USUALLY. I'm quite aware that 1v1s really just depend on the class, skill ect. but what do you roll with the usually?
Currently, after talking to a great warg on my server, I have been using this build; HfP2, 3 Crit Ratings, 2 Crit defense. Now when the crit defense was brought up, I was a bit skeptical but this has turned out to be a fairly good flayer build, despite only having around 15,800 HP. It's not too bad for shadow, but you probably want to ditch the critical defenses for a mastery or two just to get your base DMG up. so you can melt that squishy target (assuming it is a squishy target).
So, to help any new wargs playing the game, I would ask you to share your build, what stance you use for different classes, maybe even throw in a skill rotation.

Thanks guys for the help!

~Atsg of BW
Beware the Yellow Snow of the 'Moors Freeps!
(To any new wargs that really need help, http://theartofwarg.com/ is a great site to help you learn the class).