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    Weaver - Minstrel Harrass

    Hello everyone. After not playing for 1.5 years I have recently returned to playing lotro and have one question in general regarding creep play.
    I find in a lot of the small group fights I have been having, the minstrels are always the problem (obviously).
    As a weaver I am always told to harass the minstrel and to try keep her out of the fight.

    As of right now, I try and time my stuns when the minstrel is using a heavy healing spell.
    I try and spam my fear whenever I can, or to interrupt certain inductions.
    I add my cdr debuff in hopes to slow down the healing.

    My question is this: What is a good rotation and tactics for harassing minstrels? What skills should I be using and in what order?

    Any other weaver tips are welcome as well.

    p.s - ###!?!?! brands are the equivalent of a yellow pot? Whoever made that decision should be drug out into the street in broad daylight and shot.
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    Keep entangling webs up on the minstrel. Use venemous haze on it to reduce the max range of their heals. Mez and fear as you said. Effective combo is to ven haze, CC it and then drop webs. It will have to waste time chasing after the freep it wants to heal (raid leader may want webs saved for the freep melee train though). Ensure the minstrel never drops combat to fire a rez. Constantly set back inductions via TK.



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