Following a debate I had in glff today, I had a question I'd like to propose to the hunter community.

The debate revolved around whether the hunter could use a proactive agro skill similar to that of ebbing ire or provoke. Currently, the hunter does have several agro management skills, however, many of these skills are more reactive in nature, and preventing the gain of agro in the first place tends to revolve around cutting dps in one form or another. A skill similar to provoke or ebbing ire would allow the hunter to use some of its agro generation to help the tank keep more of an agro lead over the dps while allowing the hunter to not have to artificially decrease his/her dps.

The main argument in glff was whether or not this was needed for the hunter, or if the hunter is currently well equipped in dealing with the problem of agro management. I personally feel that while I can manage my agro sufficiently, this revolves around cutting my own dps artificially instead of having a way to help the tank maintain an agro lead like a champ or burg can, and that by adding a proactive management skill, I could more effectively help myself and other dps manage agro in runs.

(A note, this discussion was revolving more around the land of 6 man pugs, where well geared hunters may run into tanks that aren't as adept at holding agro as tanks in raid situations.)
(Another note, tools such as endurance quick shot spam and the thread down legacies have been shown in the past to be ineffective or only barely effective, do you think the improvement of such tools would leave the hunter in a better position with agro management, and not needing a proactive agro management skill?)