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    Quest reward for The Elfward

    You get a rune selection for completing this quest.

    Two questions:
    1) Which one did you pick?
    a) +1050 Incoming Heal and +525 Block
    b) +117 icMr and +525 Parry
    c) +111 icPr and +525 Evade

    2) Does anyone use this at 85?

    Cherok (Arkenstone server)

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    I honestly don't remember because it honestly didn't matter to me. At 85 I'm using melded runes, specifically the one that offers partial mitigations, parry and evade (True Rune of the First Battle).
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    they are t6 relics. They are at best starter relics at 85. I would take the incoming healing and block my self. Power regen is less important since you have darkest before dawn and if you are using agi instead of might you will have less block than the others.
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