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    RP ettiquette while sparring

    I'm a long time RPer in a lot of platforms, table top, larp, MMOs ect yet I've seen lots of differing standards and expectations in various games. In online games where an age limit is in force obvious things apply such as foul language et al, yet I've not seen anything regards sparring.

    From what I understand (having a long IM chat with another player) the basic format is to take it in turns with various actions in an RP format? ie play A insults B who then performs and action then A responds and so on.

    So, as the title suggests what are the Dos and Don'ts for this? I suggested a face slap as my PC was a female LM but I was surprised to hear this was a don't.

    Opinions please.

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    Depends on who, where, and why.

    Who: Light RPers often use the game sparring mechanic. They're not heavy emoters for the most part. Many of them RP the game as opposed to Tolkien's Middle-earth on Turbine's platform. On the other side, heavy RPers scoff at the notion of the ingame spar as some classes are much, much better at sparring than others (wardens are OP. Period) and levels are a game mechanic, not a RP mechanic, in their opinion. They will go with emotes.

    Where: Will be taken into consideration by *good* heavy RPers. You do not slaughter people in a tavern unless you want your character to die. Period. End of story. You CAN slaughter and grievously wound out in the middle of the lone-lands or someone else hidden off and private without interference (i.e. other RPers).

    Why: Someone insulted you. Are you really going to try to *stab* them for that?

    --Yes: Your character is just that insane? Alright. Are you in a Very Public Place?

    -----Yes: Then if you're a good RPer, you'll realize that creating a character that emotionally unhinged will have consequences and will likely die very soon. Let the other RPer know this, realize that many RPers in Bree are jaded by bad combat RP in taverns and public roads and likely will ignore it entirely, and have fun.
    -----No: Wonderful, your character might get away with it and it's more realistic. Have fun.

    --No: Good, stabbing is an overreaction to an insult in most people's minds. You have many options now:

    -----Slapping/punching them. May come with consequences. More likely to be acknowledged by others in a public place than stabbing would.
    -----Insulting back. May come with consequences depending on who you're RPing with, for the health of your character.
    -----Ignoring it/walking away. One of the more realistic scenarios if your character is that type of character. Not all characters are. The other scenarios are as realistic, but less seen in real life as people tend to be more about preserving their health than RP characters are.

    Slapping is absolutely an option if your toon is the sort to do that. If you want to do the slap emote, ask permission oocly to be able to hit them if you do not want to do an 'attempt'. Any emote you do not want to 'attempt' or 'try' in the writing, for cosmetic or flow reasons, always ask permission from the other before doing so, especially if you don't know them well. Attempts are very important, otherwise it is godmoding.

    If the other character dodges every single flipping attempt, and for some reason you want to continue to RP with them, use a /roll system. Some use a roll for every attack. I personally use a quick, simple and realistic /roll system if someone random approaches me like that. If they do not agree to use it, I do not RP with them, because I do not know them (or know them well) and so do not know if they're just going to just godmode everything. That is your right as a RPer. You do not have to acknowledge every RPer.

    My 2c.

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    I agree with Laire.

    Also, when I RPed in WoW, I only sparred with friends or others I knew well enough.
    In WoW, I would use the /roll emote for a random number 1-100. The winner of the roll won the round.



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