Not sure where to to post - posting there.
Today I am experiencing problems with the game. Logged in NaktiesKarys in Withywindle server, took a ride from 21st hall to 1st hall. Goat froze in the middle of the ride, no response to any keys. Logged off, then logged in a toon in Dwarrowdelf server. Toon was in Bree, ran to one of the gates - only to find I am stuck at some invisible wall. No responses from keyboard too. Chose "stuck", was teleported...but once again stuck.
Returned to Withywindle as NaktiesKarys, found myself in Thorins Hall. Asked in kinship chat if anyone was experiencing same problems:none was. Tried to exit TH - once again stuck, no progress. Logged off, tried to log in - almost no success. Some "connection to server lost" messages.
One player adviced to check ping: it was between 92 and 94 mS. No other programs were active, except Firefox. Yesterday everything was doing good. Today nobody turned on PC before me.
What to do with this situation? Any advice?