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Thread: Exotichunter

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    Quote Originally Posted by exotichunter View Post
    Oh believe me, each rank i have gotten is legit. From 0 to 7, only reason i have done what i did before was for my audacity gear being it was difficult to get, but, since i am on break from lotro atm, i intend to toss each piece for trash and earn it in my own way. And this is just a question, if you find a greenie, and hes running down from a rez, any one, and you kill him, and he keeps coming down and you keep doing what you do, isn't yhat considered farminf aswell? Because i know most that do, either way my rank was earned, only thing that wasn't was my audacity gear, as before, farming is indeed wrong in any form or way. And I intend to earn my gear by doing what i am doing now, killing creeps, and having nothing but fun. Good huntings ~ Exotic
    I don't stand by rez points and rekill people. I prefer to run around more. I would consider it a kind of farming, but as I said, I don't do it.

    If what you say is true, and I have no reason to doubt it, then good for you. I applaud it.

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    I am the real owner of the account that Exotichunter, Exoticdog, Majorlag... are on. The account has been hacked and email and password have been changed. I am here to say I have leveled my hunter and champ up and I am the one to get my hunter to rank 6 so you are lying if you think you got to rank 6 legit, because you didn't, I did. I really don't appreciate you taking my account and making me look bad and being like a 3 year old. I have work very hard to get my champ and hunter maxed and to get my Warg up to rank 8-9ish, and I also have put a whole bunch of money into the game also. So I don't think it is fair for you to take two 85's with all the expansions and much more and call it yours. And then completely crush my reputation not only on crick but on the entire lotro game. I have tired to recover my account multiple times, and I can not even get turbine to help me because you have put a credit card on the account and I am not the card holder so they will not proceed with the call until they talk with the card holder. Now I am at the point if I do even get my account back from you what is going to make the other player on lotro think different of me. I will never have the same respect I did before and like said above the only right thing to do is delete and restart fresh, which is not what I feel is right. Thanks a lot man, it was just a game and you cant even play the game yourself, you have to steal other peoples stuff and then farm after that really come on... I am not 100% sure who you are but I have a pretty good idea who. So you are trying to ack completely honest and come out and say you farmed, okay why don't you come out and be completely honest to me and everyone else, because I know for a fact that I ranked my hunter and warg up.


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