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    Soldiers Of Twilight Is Recruiting Active Players...


    Greetings, felicitations, and salutations to all of the Free People of Middle Earth! We are indeed engaged in a pitched battle against Sarumon and his nefarious plans to possess the One Ring and rule our beloved homelands.

    Please allow me to introduce myself to you all. My name is Thupinas, a hobbit hunter of some renown on the Withywindle (US) server. I have been playing LOTRO for approximately a month and a half. I am currently at level 80, and I am working earnestly toward end-game content and raids. I am also an officer of "Soldiers Of Twilight," a relative newcomer to the world of kinships within the realm of Withywindle.

    My kin, Soldiers Of Twilight, has been in existence for approximately two months, and we are presently at Lifespan Rank 6. We expect to purchase our kinhouse within the next few weeks. We have approximately 500+ members that comprise our kin roster at present. We have a solid core of low to mid-level characters that are questing, leveling, crafting, and just exploring and having fun playing LOTRO. We are openly recruiting new kinfolk to add to our ranks of merry adventurers.

    At present, the majority of our membership is working through level 50-6o content, with the exception of two members: myself, and Noldrem, another officer who is level capped at 85. We are encouraging and warmly welcoming any and all new members of all character and experience levels.

    Soldiers Of Twilight is a family-friendly, non-judgemental, and pluralistic kin that seeks above all to provide for the enjoyment and overall happiness of its membership as its central ideal and ethos. We will never judge, criticize, or discriminate on the basis of experience level, character level, or most especially, on the basis of real-life differences of race, creed, or sexual orientation. We heartily embrace everyone as part of our kin family, regardless of age, ability/disability, or geographical distance to one another. We are truly a global online community, and we strive to achieve that goal in everything that we say and do, within our kin, and also when communicating with the much broader LOTRO online community.

    We therefore encourage you to visit our kin website at http://soldiersoftwilight.guildportal.com
    Or, alternatively, please feel free to send a tell to Hyruleslegend, Tempesttost, or Thupinas on the Withywindle (US) server. We look forward to meeting you online. Best wishes and good fortunes to you all as you travel the highways and byways of Middle Earth!

    Warm Regards,
    Thupinas, Officer
    Soldiers Of Twilight
    Withywindle (US)
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