I feel crazy for even posting this. How can such a thing even happen.

I first signed up in 2009 for MoM. Got to cap, took a break, came back for SoM and RoI. Got to cap again and took a long hiatus. Life happens, shrug.

Came back recently to my VIP account... everything seems cool when I start playing. All's well... then I notice my Captain main's shards keep re-setting to 318 (three hundred eighteen) on logout.

I noticed it today, twice. First I vendored a bunch of Khuzdul Tablets for the relics, deconned, combined, lots of shards from criticals. Earned about 1000 shards that way fast.

Logged back in and out switching toons for crafting, vault management, etc. Log back in, do some adventuring, time to decon a few LI's, what's this? Reset to 318. I grind through some relics, make about 100 shards on criticals. Log out.

Check back later, it's reset to 318. I can't even imagine how long this might have been going on with my account. Has anyone experienced similar? It really stings.

I have a support ticket in, and I'm trying to replicate the bug again now by deconning a low tier relic and then re-logging. We'll see. Ouch, please help or advise? How on Gandalf's green Middle-Earth am I to advance in LI's with my shards vanishing from inventory?

Before you ask, I am NOT accidentally paying for LI services with shards. I double and triple-checked that I am paying with in-game money. I am also not asking for the LI's/relics to be refunded... I just want the shards I earned and to keep the number from re-setting in my wallet!

Want to keep playing this game which I love... please help. I really have no idea how many shards I may have lost to this bug over time, and it cripples my LI advancement.