So, we all know that sometime this month (likely later this month on the 27th, according to this post, assuming that 11.2 doesn't accidentally push it back even further...) a ton of houses will open up. Like, a lot.

Is anyone else curious to see how many players who owned houses have come and gone? I am, and I was really, really bored one day, so... I decided to see how the housing market looked on Elendilmir. These numbers are from about a week ago so there are likely a couple new neighborhoods and taken homes since then.

If you're really, really bored one day, or are trying to find a way to procrastinate, then this is one way to do it. Then, about a... week, maybe, after the old houses have been on the market and people have moved into their desired locations, you can count it again!

I also added how many empty standards there were on average per neighborhood more or less to show that people, overall, like more storage. If Turbine ended up allowing all houses to have 2 chests (with the second chest for the standard houses coming at a 6 gold price for the purchase differences between the two housing types) you would likely see a lot more standards in use, mostly for the people who use the house for storage... which is many.

So here are the numbers at the beginning of July for Elendilmir:

214 Elf neighborhoods:
Empty: 1355 standard, 21 deluxe, 493 kins
6.33 empty standards per neighborhood.

109 dwarf neighborhoods:
Empty: 464 standard, 3 deluxe, 230 kins
4.26 empty standards per neighborhood.

145 hobbit neighborhoods:
Empty: 438 standard, 26 deluxe, 322 kins
3.02 empty standards per neighborhood.

250 Mannish neighborhoods:
Empty: 394 standard, 1 deluxe, 536 kins
1.58 empty standards per neighborhood.

Feeling bored? Need something to keep your busy while you procrastinate on something important? Post your server's numbers here! Then post them again in about a month or so after the housing market opens again! Fun fun.