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    Grats to Clevinger on Rank 13

    Easily one of the best burgs on the server.

    Well Done!
    Merridan - Burglar lvl 105 (Rank 12)
    Gormadan - Minstrel lvl 105 (Rank 4) : Traldan - Captain lvl 105 : Celebdan - Weaver (Rank 11)

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    In a galaxy far far away.
    Congrats Clevinger!
    Aldrest R11 Burglar
    Motharan R6 Guardian
    Tormoth R4 Captain
    Langlegion Warden

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    Thanks guys. That was quite the epic grind.

    Many thanks to all those who 1v1d, most notably Orcchops, Gwann, Malstryx, and Westmiss, who all fought me dozens of times.

    I will put some wartabs up tonight when I get home.
    [Gladden] Second Marshal Clevinger, Third Marshal Aristeides, Third Marshall Katsimbalis, Lieutenant Creamsicle
    4.4 million renown and counting!

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    Yay!! Congrats Clev! ^^ One great burg out there indeed. It's always a pleasure fighting against you, or alongside you and I look forward to more challenges out there in the future! (Although I don't think anything will quite top the experience of having you survive that one fight at 5 morale; for me that is ;P) I've learned quite a bit from you as well, so thank you. Now onward for you on your next moors endeavor, whatever it may be lol. *wargy cheer*
    Katrariel - Lvl 95 Guardian : Rank 5 ~~ Myrawyn - Lvl 85 Burglar : Rank 7 ~~
    Malystryx - Warg : Rank 11 ~~ Larkawen - Lvl 59 Loremaster ~~ Banehollow - Defiler : Rank 6 ~~

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    Grats man, 4 rank 10+ toons, and now u got a rank 13 in that mix. Ridic.

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    Gratz Clev

    Misadventure - R14 Hunter, Fatwanda-1 - R10 Guard
    Velvetsixteen - R13 Reaver, Reported - R11 Warg, Gloriousleader - R10 WL



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