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    Question Road To Thornhope Quest Is Bugged! Please Help?

    I'm sure there used to be a "quest section" around the forums here at one time, but I can't find it.
    So I post here instead.

    I'm having a problem with a quest at Thornhope in Entwash Vale. (a region of Rohan)
    It's called "Dreams of Fire and Giants"

    As the quest is stated, I managed to find 8/10 survivors.
    But I stopped at 8 for like an hour searching and searching and searching because for the life of me, the last 2 survivors of this quest are absolutely NOWHERE to be found! Upon that hour, I came across what is a broken fence (a few orcs standing around) and SUDDENLY.... I get a quest message saying, "you have found a survivor" (or words to that effect) So that means I now have 9/10. But the very weird thing is.... why on earth is it telling me this when there is absolutely nothing there!?
    I have looked around and couldn't find anything to suggest a missing survivor! very strange indeed! :-/

    So now I have 9/10 and I have absolutely NO IDEA where the last one is to be found! :-/

    One very silly thing about this quest is that for the last 2 survivors, I feel almost certain that Turbine has placed their markers in completely the wrong places! That's what makes it SO DARN FRUSTRATING to find the last 2 survivors! :-/

    "TURBINE YOU NEED TO FIX THIS QUEST ASAP! IT IS BUGGED!" (at least this is how I feel!)

    I'm currently doing this quest on my RK. I remember doing this one on my loremaster last year and had exactly the same problem too.
    Took me forever to find those last 2! :-/

    Anyone else had a similar problem with this quest?
    Please can someone tell me, if they have any idea where I can find the last survivor?
    Once again, it feels like he's nowhere to be found!
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