hello ! i am new player here with many queries in my mind , i have also gone through the FAQ's regarding my query. but i need some detailed info regarding some of my questions regarding this game, the QUESTIONS are as follows :

1. how do i know on which update i am playing this game? OR how do i know the latest patch updated in my game folder ( like the latest is 11.1) ...how do i know it ?

2. Difference between EXPANSION PACKS and quest pack ? to play the expansion packs do i hv to pay TURBINE with REAL CASH ? or do i just farm TP and buy it from LOTRO STORE ? will that be OK !

3.housing system/problem.....i was reading through the patch notes 11.1 regarding the housing problem. as many of my friends play in brandywine ...and i too wanna join brandywine , but there is a lack of houses (deluxe and standard) except the kinship's , will there be any chance of introducing new housing regions by turbine ?

4. and last of all .... to the GAME MANAGERS ....please take a look in the in-game dealing regarding housing ...peoples buy more than 2-3 houses and sell them later on with high prices ...

Lastly, thank you for reading through this query, please be specific while answwering to it ....i will be waiting eagerly for a good and detailed answer ! thanks !