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    [Arkenstone] Anglachel's Warriors - low profile Kinship - small demands, but some requirements.

    Initial draft

    Anglachel's Warriors are all about the sword, the spear, the arrow, the halberd... Anglachel was the original name of the sword wielded by Beleg Strongbow and later his best friend Turin Turambar, when the sword was renamed Gurthang. Initially crafted by Eöl and given to Thingol. See Article. The association to Sword and Bow is hereby established via Beleg Cuthalion and Turin Turambar.

    The Kinship is on trial, currently on level 5. It is open to all races. It is not open to all classes, Burglars, Minstrels, Lore-masters and Rune-Keepers characters will not be accepted. I have a heavy focus on crafting, all members should aspire to Westemnet Guild proficiency (eventually Anorien). If you want to craft, grind, kill, do tasks and help others with no or little reward, keep a low but determined profile, this may be your community. The Kinship's members are currently mostly my own Characters and we play on GMT evenings except for weekends when we play more...

    No active enrollment in game is currently conducted, I have web resources for community/forum/info/tutorials at my disposal if deemed necessary.

    You may contact me in game via;
    Leader: Malancil
    Officers: Gilthiron, Sturmdrang, Anancite, Tarostel, Angredeth, Ederon

    More details may come if interest spikes.
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