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    Level 69 Hunter, Need Some Help Regarding Squishiness and Lower Threat

    Here's my gal's current stats and such, seems up to date:
    (Does not show, but my bow has Induction Bow Threat Down Rank 7. Is this a useless legacy or does it actually help when I use heart seeker, which seems to be a big threat creater?)

    I have been either adventuring solo on basic questing and deeding, grouping with my hubby's champ (around 66), or on rare occasion doing a 3 group through some of the easier instances with my hubby's champ and my son's maxed and traited for healing RK. Having a lot of fun, but having squishiness and threat issues.

    When me and my hubby start a combat, I let him hit first, then do lower damage or slower induction range skills at the start so he can build aggro. But as soon as I do a hit like heart seeker, or one that crits or does a lot of damage, the mob attacks me and my hubby has a very hard time pulling the mob off me. Even with his threat skills. He prefers to run in ardour BTW. Can anything be done to help this? I am still mainly a dps class, and have been feeling hesitant of late to use my skills to their best potential.

    I am also about to get better gear of course as I am very close to 70. Due to our family's situation, our son being autistic, we are unable to do any serious group instances where better gear and barter items for armor and jewelry drop. So I am limited to small instances and solo questing. What should I be looking for in stats and such on gear that I can realistically get?

    Last, would Fate or ICMR be better when I have a choice between?
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