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    Level 69 Hunter, Need Some Help Regarding Squishiness and Lower Threat

    Here's my gal's current stats and such, seems up to date:
    (Does not show, but my bow has Induction Bow Threat Down Rank 7. Is this a useless legacy or does it actually help when I use heart seeker, which seems to be a big threat creater?)

    I have been either adventuring solo on basic questing and deeding, grouping with my hubby's champ (around 66), or on rare occasion doing a 3 group through some of the easier instances with my hubby's champ and my son's maxed and traited for healing RK. Having a lot of fun, but having squishiness and threat issues.

    When me and my hubby start a combat, I let him hit first, then do lower damage or slower induction range skills at the start so he can build aggro. But as soon as I do a hit like heart seeker, or one that crits or does a lot of damage, the mob attacks me and my hubby has a very hard time pulling the mob off me. Even with his threat skills. He prefers to run in ardour BTW. Can anything be done to help this? I am still mainly a dps class, and have been feeling hesitant of late to use my skills to their best potential.

    I am also about to get better gear of course as I am very close to 70. Due to our family's situation, our son being autistic, we are unable to do any serious group instances where better gear and barter items for armor and jewelry drop. So I am limited to small instances and solo questing. What should I be looking for in stats and such on gear that I can realistically get?

    Last, would Fate or ICMR be better when I have a choice between?
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    Your lvl is higher than the champ, of course your going to draw the agro with big hits, not sure if there is a fix for that other than lvling the champ to your or higher lvl.
    Use any & all legacys, skills, traits that will lower your threat, don't use heart seeker...except for kill shots, stick to the lower damage faster attacks until your tank is at or higher lvl than you.
    Why are you pushing might when you are a ranged class...go Agil/Vital/fate.
    Of course this is just my opinion, thanks for listening & good hunting friend

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    Hunters have 3 ways to dump aggro. Quickshot in endurance stance, distracting shot, and beneath notice. Try switching to endurance and hit with a couple of quickshots or a distracting shot (in any stance) before firing off a heartseeker. The level difference my be too much to make up for but it may help. Once you have aggro and he struggles to get it back, that is the time for Beneath notice, he should be able to pick it back up almost instantly.

    BTW, I can't remember at what lvl distracting shot and beneath notice is learned. If it's unavailable yet i'm sorry. However I believe you should have endurance and qs by now.
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    I would say endurance plus endless quickshots would be the first thing to try. Keep distraction and beneath notice in reserve for when that slips up. With a hunter and a RK as the rest of your party, your champ should probably be tanking - and he will find that he can do that a lot better in glory mode than it will work in ardour.

    As regards fate vs. icmr, my argument would run that morale regeneration is only of use after you get hit. When you manage to figure out how to manage threat, you should stop getting hit, so fate should, at that point, become more useful, more often. So I would go with fate.

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    There are a couple things to make note of and which have already been mentioned but should be stressed.

    First of all any dps class three levels higher than the tank is almost always going to have a problem with pulling aggro. That's just a basic thing about having a three level difference.

    The second point is the champ being in Ardor. Ardor is the worst tanking stance you can choose as all the AoE skills have decreased threat due to the stance which is the worst thing you can have with regards to a tank. Depending on how well the healer can keep up the heals and the specific instance it's possible to tank in Fervor. I've done done this before on my champ with kinmates in quite a few instances. I've also run quite a few pug instances where the tank wasn't nearly as good about generating threat than I'm used to with the tanks in my kin meaning my champ ends up tanking quite a bit unintentionally. Generally the best thing I can hope for is my bubbles manage to keep me up and some heals get thrown my way. Normally this is enough. The other option is Glory with blue line traits since threat and survival are specifically what the stance and traits are for. I don't personally care much for champ tanking so I avoid it in the vast majority of cases when I can and use my warden when I want to tank but some people love champ tanking and are good at it.

    As for the induction bow threat down legacy, I'm not sure that works with Heart Seeker. While Heart Seeker does have an induction I'm not sure it's actually in the same class as the Quick Shot, Barbed Arrow and Swift Bow skills. In the skill panel for the character (which you can find by hitting "K" or going to the character panel and clicking on the skills button) you will find skills grouped together under specific headings. You might be able to find out if Heart Seeker would make use of the threat legacy if it's in the same grouping as the skills I mentioned earlier. This may or may not be conclusive, however. There is a chance that the induction skills threat down legacy may only work on induction skills which generate focus normally which is the reason for bringing up the possibility that Heart Seeker doesn't make use of that legacy.

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    As other posters have said, the threat.issue is more of a over levelled issue rather than anything else. You're doing the right thing waiting for aggro to build, look out for a red downward arrow on the.mobs head (indicates aggro skill used).

    Is that an xp bonus item as your pocket? Consider keeping it in your bag until hubby catches up with levels. If your in dunland now consider getting kindred with the factions and getting agi barter items. Switch out anything with might on! You have more might than agi, this is great for the champ not so good for you. Have you checked out the class guides?

    The threat.legacies add minimal benefit read this : http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.p...-probably-work the changes to champ.stance and getting same level will improve things much more.

    Good luck
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