'Forged In Exile'' is new Raiding Alliance on Laurelin server. We are doing all raids, from RIFT and Dar Nabugund for fun, to recent Erebor T2. Currently looking for more raiders to join our ranks. At this moment, all class slots are open except the tanks. From your character we require:

- Level 85
- Basic class knowledge
- Traits on at least rank 12 (we need raiders with rank 16 of course but this is matter of time)
- Second Age Legendary Items with decent relics and proper legacies
- Hytbold set or it's 85 lvl equivalent
- at least 85 lvl crafted jewellery (if you are short on gold or still using some outdated gear, we have a solid base of crafters for every possible profession so we can partially solve this issue for you)

Raid experience will be nice bonus, but it is not that important, as long as you are willing to learn tactics and listen to our Raid Leaders. Also, being able to speak via mic would be a great plus.

We have a bunch of experienced raiders but also a lot of players who are totally new in raiding. Mature, friendly and relaxed atmosphere during raid-time is a priority for us. We are not so called "hardcore" raiding alliance but we aim to beat any T2s that Turbine throw on us

Interested ? Want to try more challenging content?It is a good time to apply and join us!

To join ''Forged In Exile'' Raid Alliance, talk to any officer listed below or send us an in game mail. You can also visit http://forgedinexile.shivtr.com/ for more information.

Officers Team:
- Vetgard
- Boffgar
- Gunston
- Nodlos
- Imryll