Ok. So I'm just going to put this the way I think it should be. I just think that Reaver's need to be buffed. A rank 2 isn't strong enough to solo the WORST player out there! Well... maybe.... But that's beside the point! My point is that Reaver's need to be stronger and do a little more damage. That's all I think. If you guys think there's classes that need to be buffed or debuffed, comment saying why or how. Reaver's are good only to a certain extent, and if they try to go beyond that, They fail! If you guys also think that a Reaver isn't as good as it should be, you don't have to do anything but agree! If you think I'm wrong for some reason, I'd like to hear your opinion. It's not the easiest being a R2 Reaver ANYWHERE! But on the server's I play on, it's especially hard! I'm on Windfola, Arkenstone, and Silverlode.