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    A Guide to the Survivors of Wildermore

    Originally posted HERE.

    LAST UPDATED: Wednesday, November 13, 2013

    In the spirit of Fredelas' Hytbold guide, I decided to start one of my own for Wildermore. I couldn't find one that had already been posted, anyway, so why not? Once I got started, I thought I might as well share my findings with the rest of you. I'm by no means as good at this as Fredelas, but even a lame guide is better than no guide at all.

    I will fill in details as I come to them. If you would like to contribute, please do. I have yet to fill in a few of the crafting details but the rest of this guide is complete.
    After questing all the way through Wildermore you reach the instance called "Final Stand" in which you fend off Nurzum while defeating grims. Once that is completed you go to Forlaw's "town square". It is right inside the south gate. There are 2 barter NPCs, a bloke who gives the "do 5 quests" daily, and 6 NPCs who offer you your daily options. These all seem to vary by day, as Hytbold's did, with the exception of Hildelith, the Crafting Requests NPC. Her quests are keyed specifically to your profession.

    The first person you talk with is Cole. He is sitting on the steps outside the Feasting Hall, on the north part of the town square. He bestows a quest called "Wildermore's Recovery". Cole is to Wildermore what Rinwald was to Hytbold. Cole's Wildermore Recovery is exactly like Rinwald's "Aiding the Eastemnet". He requires you to complete five quests, which are obtained from the six NPCs around you. They are Britric (Bounty Listings), Dudoc (Mounted Combat Listings), Ealswith (Regional Listings), Gyric (Battle and Event Listings), Hildelith (Crafting Requests), and Manni (Warband Listings). The other two NPCs of note in this town square are Hunman (Survivors of Wildermore) and Ethelmund (People of Wildermore), the two reputation barterers.

    There are deeds for five of the six quest types. The exception would be, of course, the Crafting Requests. I suppose a person could do quests for one vocation and then switch vocations a few times. But it would be unrealistic to leave your vocations, work up to Eastemnet, all for the sake of a deed, and incredibly unfair to people who actually care about crafting and have gone through all the work for their guilds, etc. So no deed for these quests. There is also a capstone deed, which I list below.

    Unlike Hytbold, it seems you will not be rebuilding anything. Unless I'm blind, there will be no special phasing involved either. No buildings to repair, no new facilities to unlock. These quests seem designed for only two purposes: to gain reputation with the Survivors of Wildermore faction, and to earn Gold Tokens of Wildermore to barter for equipment, recipes, etc.

    It seems that you are finished with these dailies once all the deeds are completed and you hit kindred (unless, of course, you choose to continue running them to barter for valuables). Based on that, I heard a rumor that this will take ~25 days. However, since you can make 2500 reputation each day, it seems that 34 is the minimum. From Neutral (0/10000) to Kindred (30000/30000) you must earn 85000 reputation. 85000/2500=34. It is possible that ~25 days refers to the amount of time to complete the deeds (of course this would depend on whether you are lucky enough to get the quests you need each day, or whether some will stubbornly remain unavailable the way some did for Hytbold, thereby preventing you from completing the deeds for an undetermined amount of time). More on this will become available as information comes in.

    You may complete Wildermore's Recovery once a day, so five of the available dailies. The reset seems to be at 3AM EST, which is fairly standard. This quest may be reset for 5 Mithril Coins, though it is up to you to weigh the pros and cons. Since there are only a limited amount of quests each day, you probably wouldn't even have any reason to reset them more than once each day.


    1. Britric: Bounty Listings
    2. Dudoc: Mounted Combat Listings
    3. Ealswith: Regional Listings
    4. Gyric: Battle and Event Listings
    5. Hildelith: Crafting Requests
    6. Manni: Warband Listings
    7. Hunman: Survivors of Wildermore
    8. Ethelmund: People of Wildermore
    9. Extras
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