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    Welcome to my Lotro Class Guide, featuring the Captain.
    The captain is capable of filling many needs in a raid or fellowship, but its main role is support.
    In this segment, I will be explaining the way I build and play the captain as a RED LINE DPS SUPPORT.
    The following will cover basic trait points, legacies, a powerful but simple rotation and will not touch on gear or relics.

    For DPS support I choose the redline specialization, spending 31 points in redline to pick up all
    important support skills. A picture is linked at the bottom. This leaves us 34 points to spend in either yellow or blue line. If we spend the extra points
    in yellow line, we can pick up important skills like In Harms Way, and Routing Cry AOE stun, along with becoming a bit
    more tanky. If we spend the points in Blue line, we are able to pick up important skills like enhanced rez and gallant display.
    The third option is to spend the majority of the points in redline, which will enhance personal DPS but wont give as many group


    Legendary Item Builds (There is tons of flexibility here)

    Notes: all the legacies are not shown, I might have missed something...also stat legacies may be a good option
    12/22 --Currently Making New LIs and swaps will post the results when finished.

    * means must have
    ** means this can go on either weapon (or both)

    Weapon 1----This weapon is used for red line healing, buffing, more durability, and perma crit rotation.
    One Handed Sword + Shield

    Captain Area-effect Healing*
    Oathbreakers Shame Duration*
    To Arms Duration*
    Telling Mark Dmg**

    Make Haste Duration*
    Battle States and Defeat Response Duration
    Inspire Damage
    Routing Cry Damage


    Swap Weapon----This weapon is used for DPS
    Two Handed Sword

    Pressing Attack and Devastating Blow Critical Rating*
    Melee Skill Critical Multiplier*
    Pressing Attack Max Targets
    Telling Mark Dmg**

    Bleed Damage*
    Blade of Elendil Damage
    Tactics Duration


    Emblem 1---This emblem is used for red line off healing

    Captain Critical Healing Magnitude*
    Rallying Cry Healing*
    Vocal Skills Healing*
    Melee Skills Healing
    Words of Courage Power/Morale Cost

    Words of Courage Pulses


    Swap Emblem-- This emblem is used for red line DPS

    Sure Strike Damage*

    Bleed Pulses
    Devastating Blow and Pressing Attack Damage*
    Light Skill Damage*
    Time of Need Buff Duration
    Shadow's Lament Damage*


    Skill Rotations

    One of the most fun things about playing the captain is the great variety of rotation options available. In this area I will
    cover a simple but extremely potent rotation for DPS support and off healing. I call it the perma crit rotation.

    In red line the captain has a tier 7 trait called Master of War. A key benefit of this skill is that "Critical hits with Inspire
    and Shadow's Lament will cause you and your Blade Brother's next skill to crit." This is an AWESOME buff. It last 30 seconds long
    and the cooldown for shadows lament and inspire are 20 seconds and 15 seconds respectively. So if you get 1 crit from inspire or shadows lament,
    you can get planned guaranteed free crits for your blade brother indefinitely.

    To do this, just alternate between inspire and shadows lament to continually give yourself and your blade brother crits.
    The time in between the cooldowns of these skills can be used for off healing with vocal skills, dpsing with tactical skills,
    or buffing with To Arms, Telling mark, or Oathbreakers.

    You will end the perma crit rotation if you use a melee or ranged skill (it will use up the free crit), however it is quite easy
    to get it started again with another crit from inspire or shadows lament.

    A link to the legacies: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...-s-Deep-beta-6
    A link to my build: http://i.imgur.com/uWM9NE1.jpg?1


    Feel free to contact me on Imladris ---Stannithorn
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