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    Help with an outfit

    I've recently gone through isengard on my alt and was reminded how much I love Theodred's armor/outfit. I've tried hard to come up with the best way to replicate it but I'm having trouble. The biggest issue, I think, is how the chest piece is a mix of leather/tunic and chain mail. Not many options with this, especially with the color scheme. My first go to was the RoR pre order tunic but it didn't quite fit with what I'm looking for. Hytbold heavy sets are a little closer but still don't have the same feel. I'm thinking its going to need more creativity and a mix of older tunic and leg pieces.

    I would really appreciate any input from fellow cosmetic junkies! Thanks!
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    Can you post a screenshot of the outfit you're trying to replace? Pretty sure I know the one but a visual would help.
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