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    The Best of the Best for Crp/Frp Imladris

    Hey guys, Its Brionac (r12 spider, also Baffled r10) here to give my opinions of who I think are the top 3 of every class in the moors up to this day is. Again this is opinion, not Necessarily fact (Just from my observations). So without further or do, lets get started with the Creeps First:

    Reavers: 1. Lets kick it off with Reeferbaby. This guy is one of the few crps in the moors that frps fear when running around solo. He is all around the best reaver when it comes to damage and catching frps off guard. (shoutout to my boy ;P). 2. The greatly improved Kotomine. Since I left on baffled and came back, Its been like night and day. This guy never runs from a 1v1. 3. Dugond. Sadly he hasnt been playing much, but still a fantastic reaver. Prob one of the smartest players I know.

    Blackarrows: 1. The one and only Kittysniper. He really just knows what skill to use and when, and is a beast in the dps Department. 2. Deadeyedermot. Group fights seem drastically easier whenever he joins them, and has one of the nastiest duos with Enpeecee in the moors. 3. Maziokino. Yes reefer makes the BA list as well, but what can I say, he plays this class great as well.

    Wargs: 1. Although he doesnt play too often, Silar is still the Silar that I remember from the Baffled days. Many people still tell me that he is the only warg that gives them trouble 1v1. 2. Thumpnakh. Pretty much tied with silar at the #1 spot, but just more dedicated to frpside currently. Regardless, just like Dugond, one of the smarter players in the moors and is a fantastic group leader. 3. Dont hate me everyone lol, But rally on Ilikechewtoyz is not bad at all. As trolly as he can be, im basing this on skill of the class, and he is a solid warg that can cause problems in fights

    Defilers: 1. The bad man Talidis. The guy is one of the few defilers to think of dpsing and opponent before throwing hots on himself ;P love it. Great team player when it comes to RvR as well. 2. Enpeecee. Heals fantastic in groups and as I said before, makes a nasty duo with Deadeye. 3. Bobirinio. I have only seen a little of Bob's play, but many have tell me he is one of the best of the best at the class, and from what I've seen, I could believe.

    Warleaders: 1. The OBVIOUS BIG MAN KRIMOND. Guy is a monster in RvR or any fight of that matter. One of the few crps on the server that gives RvR a fighting chance for crpside. 2. Warbite. I think he provides good insight on what needs to be done, and acts on it. Another great healer. 3. Duckymomo. You cant beat clutch bubbles, and he seems to have alot of those for me and others in our groups. Hats off.

    Weavers: 1. He isnt on much, but I believe Sandtrap is one of the smartest players when playing the Weaver. He knows how to control a fight very well with CC and apply those dots very quickly. 2. The all new (Congratz!) r13 spider Malgil. Not only does that skin look sexy (totally jelly) , but your also a good team player on crpside and provide alot of support when crpside needs it. 3. Also another spider that isnt on much, Shadowkiss. Another Solid spider , just wish he played more .

    Now for Freepside!

    Lets start off with Minstrels: 1. The obvious, Apache. Great at dps, great at support heals, great at group leading, what more could you want from a guy. 2. A very close second, Newly r11 Droker. Guy is one of the most geared out minis I know, and plays everyfight out to its max potential (if the kills there, normally gets it). 3. Daenyras. She is one of the few minis that doesn't drop to spam heals on the first sign of trouble. She hits like a truck and is just awesome to run around with. (biggest fear in the moors, Brio) ... ahem jk :P

    Wardens: 1. Without a doubt, theCookiemonster. After I played Baffled, I was hoping that other wardens would be able to take that dps role and play it, and now there are many wardens that have, and this guy does it even better. Hats off cookie, great guy, great player. All of the wardens after cookie really just spam heal too much 2. Nimdhiran. Is Ok at dps, relies a little too much on heals, but knows the class well 3. Bamor. Another very skilled warden in the moors. He doesnt seem to drop to spam heals on the first sign of trouble and is normallllllly willing to fight it out in dps until the end. ;P

    Loremasters: 1. Hands down Coriantumr. Its easy to spam Water Lore, but you can tell when a lore master is just more sharp with his skill rotations than others, and Corian is. 2. Murf. Another smart player that gives alot of players troubles. The Best LM at keeping SI up in Groups on his allys. Very Huge. 3. Eoddred. (I think thats how it is spelt, Forgive me if not!) Have yet to solo him, and prob never will :P.

    Hunters: 1.Karondo. The guy has the hunter figured out up,down,left and right, with fantastic knowledge of how to play it. Hits extremely hard as hunters should do. 2. Tulc. Almost just as good to be honest. One of the few hunters that i dont want Brio to find at distance ;P. 3. Jango. The guys leads great groups and is just a big presence in the moors for crps to lookout for.

    Captains: 1. Thadius. This guy is the core of what makes relentless so annoying to fight :P. No other captain Id run with over him on Frpside. 2. Phoenixash. A very active captain in the moors that I hate to see on crpside when its group v group ;P. 3. There arent any other active captains worth mentioning sadly .

    Runekeepers: 1. Inacthas. He hasnt been on much as of late, but he was on a few days ago and from what I saw, he is still the wrecking crew I know. Many have told me he is the best of both DPS and Healing. Cant beat that. 2. Venacava. Vena has great awareness of when to heal and when to dps in a fight. Always a challenge. 3. ONAAAAAA. Imo the best group healer out there.

    Guardians: 1. Maddawgg. The guy plays in OP but is the tankiest &&&&&&& i know ;P. Always difficult to kill while throwing out hard punches. Nicely played Madd. 2. Brickwall. The def. of ouch from guardians. Brick runs the 2H OP stance and lays down the hurt if everything lands. 3. Like captains, none other that come to mind

    Champions: 1. WITHOUT A DOUBT IN MY DAM MIND, MELDO. The guys is a monster. A quote from my bio (Cookie: Idk what meldo is, hes not a champ, hes like a transformer. Always seems to full heal.) Yea, heals like a shield ward, hits like a tyrant. Moving on. 2. Heperment. Another amazing champ, running red line but feels like a blue line champ when trying to kill him. Great at 1v1. 3. Ononion. Well played, hard hitting, smart player with gear swapping to make sure he gets the most for his buck. Great champ.

    Burglars: 1. Many may disagree, But Saffhire is IMO the best burg out here. One of I believe only 2 burgs to have solo'd my spider. Very well played burglar. 2. Dangoon. Guy hits just as hard and plays the class to max potential. 3. Argio. Another one of the few burgs that I have seen and heard of to cause troubles out in the moors.

    That Sums it Up!

    Again guys, this is just my Opinion of my exp and what Ive seen and heard. Feel free to give your opinions. Much Appreciated ;P

    Brionac - r12 Spider
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