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    Re: Gram's Camping

    Like to suggest an idea. When the numbers of freeps HEAVILY outweigh the numbers of creeps and a Grams camp scenario happens. Let the creeps have all 4 OP's. Your thoughts.

    Elduche. Trying to make the Moor's a happier place~~~

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    My Thought.

    My thought is this. If the creeps know they can take all 4 op's and not have them flip back while they are ill numbered they will try to send strike teams out to take op's. Which hopefully means a group of some kind will get formed and a push out from Grams. We can defend, just not flip back. If creeps have 4 op's they maybe more likely to group up in a raid since they will have a better chance withe the op buffs. This hopefully will encourage more creeps to come out, and in the end make some good rvr raids. Granted if the creeps pick up in number, freeps can start to reclaim op's for balance.

    Love it or hate it, least offer an idea to pump some life back in the Moors.

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    I feel your pain and share your feelings on livening up the moors. I've freeped/creeped since SoA days and I've seen lots of changes made to PvMP, some good but most bad. All classes get OP'd and most classes get nerfed. But until that happens its up to us as a community to make the changes. Seems like everyday I come on and its a Grams Camp w/ X amount of wardens leading the way. Creeps have no chance so they sit at Grams which in turn invites more freeps to the camp. I for one loathe Grams camps and refuse to take part in them (albeit once or twice when someone in my group is close to rank so I will partake until they rank). While I like the idea of strike teams I dont believe in giving things up. Yeah the ren/inf/dmg buffs are a dumb idea, but neither side will be willing to give it up fully and we all know both sides have individuals that will take them all regardless.

    I've always been a fan of small groups, open field fights and fights all over the map. So yes I will PvE w/ my group to draw out the creeps who want to fight in places other than Grams. So my suggestion for us as a community to simply refuse to Grams camp. If a few people continue to do it, creeps should simply stop hanging out there. There's maps and a back door for a reason. Had some great fights tonight between my group of 5-6 and Ducky's group of 5-6. From Grothum to Lugz XR to Lugz/Grams hill. All were pretty much open field and while toward the end, the creeps inched back towards Grams, they realized my group wasn't following so they came back for more open field fighting. Great fights lasting 10-15 min it seemed and both sides getting kills. Probably the most fun I've had in weeks so props to the creeps/freeps involved.

    Bottom line is if we wait for Turbine to fix/change things we'll be waiting a long time. We as a community need to make the changes ourselves.
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