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Thread: Leadership

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    It goes without saying, that fulfilling the role of Leader in the Moors can offer some challenges. Understanding the roles of your group, and the abilities of your opponents group, and getting everyone in your group to understand it and act swiftly can be difficult.

    Is it just a game? "Yeah", are we just people? "Yeah", different opinions or suggestions can be expressed, causing confusion at any time, with unintended negative results. No matter what you do, there will always be those that hate you and those that like you. With all this chaos happening during raids, why do you keep doing it?

    Because you are Leaders!

    It doesn't really matter what your reason or motive is; either helping greenies understand the game, zerging for renown/infamy/comms, trying to make the game fun for everyone, or for your own personal satisfaction, you take the mantle anytime there is a need. It is very seldom said, but a big "Thank You" is in order.

    So to Akthuri, Eli, Heston, Storm, Ace, Slam, BH, Grim, Sat, Fungo, Maggot, Shupth, Vamp, Ash and all those that fulfill this need, "Thank You" for what you do or have done for us......./Salute

    "To lead people, walk beside them ... As for the best leaders, the people do not notice their existence. The next best, the people honor and praise. The next, the people fear; and the next, the people hate ... When the best leader's work is done the people say, 'We did it ourselves!'"

    — Lao-tsu

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    Nice post Nim, well said and spot on.

    Attended by Coldaen

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    I have a great amount of respect for those that are willing to lead. So I completely agree with the sentiments in this thread.

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    Woah ash is included here and im not? i for one am gonna go drown my sorrows in iced tea now.

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    I'll add kudos to Grinch.

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    very nice post....and thanks I always did enjoy leading my raids on some strange shenanigans

    Grimbon-Rank 10 captain

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    Thanks for recognizing, Nim!

    Lol last night was a perfect case in point... Ky was leading, Ace and I were in group, he says he has to go and would one of us lead, we both grumbled, I led until my head hurt and ace led later til his hurt, Elicit later...

    Last night was tough too, it was like herding cats, some fights people focused, some, like the last one in the delving, I saw green dots all over the hallways... The delving fights of late have become fun, Shupth is pushing with his hoarde!

    Thanks Eli, BH, Ky, Ace for leading on freepside, creeps, I know Fungo, Ashhsa, Maggot, Shupth all lead, hats off to you guys as well.

    Nim, I LOVE your Lao-Tsu quote too, so true, no matter the team of effort.
    Irin r8 Hunter // Arngar r8 Burg // Akthuri r15 LM // Vishus r5 Captain // Curad r11 (active) Mini

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    I was one of those cats. Thanks for sticking with us those who led. Hats off to all you guys once again. Yes the delving, has made for some really interesting fun fights. I think we're all trying to figure out a way to kill the middle boss AND wipe the other side at the same time.

    Creeps getting the KB the other night I thought was really funny, good timing there. I know others did not find it so funny, I in no way am slighting them. That was Shupth led iirc.

    (Does anyone else get nervous when their signature is jacked up and think that someone hacked their account and deleted all their toons? O.O)

    Attended by Coldaen

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    Woot woot! Cheers to our leaders It's not an easy job. There's distractions everyw - SQUIRREL!

    *passes out Motrin to all the leaders* Trust me...it helps. Also, wine (not to be confused with whine - we get enough of that already!)

    Delving fights have been fun lately. Creepside has the center boss fight down to about 2 minutes if all goes well. *gauntlet thrown* Cya out there!

    Freeps: 85 mini - Adnia, 85 LM - Sariela
    Creeps: Baldardash (WL), Rigmarole (warg)

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    So to Akthuri, Eli, Heston, Storm, Ace, Slam, BH, Grim, Sat, Fungo, Maggot, Shupth, Vamp, Ash and all those that fulfill this need, "Thank You" for what you do or have done for us......./Salute

    Nimthos. Why Is my name last? Must save the best for last im sure..... If this list is in order we have some talkin to do SIR!

    Nimmy I have told you for a long time. You are my favorite player in this game. And its a privilege to be a member of your kinship. I always have a great time when you are around. SHOUTOUT TO Protectors of the Blessed Realm. We may not pvp or pve but we sure as hell look great all the time. JOIN US or sit at the uncoolkids table with maggot.

    Just to frighten some of you I may be playing more often. Good luck to the greenies. Sorry if you have kids. I need to rank 12. If Grinch catches me. I go die in a corner.

    But on some real stuff. Its a HONOR to be on the list with these guys. They are all great players and great motivators. Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by valbound View Post
    So to Akthuri, Eli, Heston, Storm,
    Thank so much, for recognizing me, TheStormKing, as a Moors Leader. It makes me so warm and fuzzy inside.

    But I have to take issue with one thing.

    Ace, Slam, BH, Grim, Sat,...
    I thought we agreed to never refer to Stormgrim by his nickname of "Butthole" outside of the moors? He's going to be mighty angry. He might increase his rate of renown gathering beyond that of mortal man.

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    Nice post Nim!

    I'll also add my thanks to all who lead... and also cheers for my favorite occasional leader Rigmarole/Balderdash!
    Jo/Majorra/Rubberduck :)


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    Yo ill throw some kudos maggots way, some of them others really shouldnt be on there though. i mean really people how hard is it to raid up and take isen? yall know who i mean

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    you know it's really funny to watch what people pick on others for. Probably not many left from the days when I used to lead raids. But I did pass on a tip that was taught to me about moving around and taking things in locations that would force movement and groups splitting up and spreading out to go scouting.

    You can make fun of flipping isen all you want, but Daruk taught me and I taught those who raided with me, the value of flipping isen. It's a place the creeps can't just map into immediately and wipe a smaller freep raid. The map points are far enough out that if you can get in there and hit it quick and hard you can flip the keep, get a morale boost for your group, small victories can be fun. Horse up and move and often creep groups will come in too late, strung out, not balled up, etc. And it was a way to get some fun fights up in the mines, or the areas around it once horsed up and mobile again, etc. I know you all joke about the ease of flipping a keep. But there was a time when it was a necessary means to provoking something other than the stab or wtab shuffle or a rez camp, etc.

    My favorite leaders: Daruk, Findail, Drakgor, Shakda, Fungo (esp if really drunk) and Githorin. I was never (imo) a great leader, I only lead when no one else would, I prefer to just do my job and help us get kills no matter what toon I'm choosing to play at the time. I'm more of a back seat leader, I often make suggestions and if they don't take them, fine, but I know my personality and vocal tones are not always the best for leading and generally will defer to others leading.
    Melrok (R10 Guard) Morkel (R12 Hunter) Merlok (R8 LM) Shadowheart (R8 Burg)
    Grimnaw (R11 Warg) Grimweaver (R11 Spdr) Grimacroncheese (R9 BA)
    Rageagainsthelootbox (R8 Defiler) Cheezeypoof (R9 Reaver)

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    The best leaders on this server are all wargs. Snyff and Consumption and Comenunca. I wish they would all come back and break the grams camps. oh and the best warg Daarlin



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