I am frustrated by two things again and again so I thought I would ask if I am missing some UI setting that I can change.

First: The target box stays up even after I am done interacting with some characters and items. Is there some UI setting that automatically closes a completed interaction?
* After interacting with quest npcs they remain targetted. So, when a hostile character attacks me I remain targetted on the friendly (even when a distance away). I would like to see the npc become untargetted when I accept or decline a quest.
* The same thing happens with chests or quest item interactions. The target remains long after I am done interacting with the item. I would like to see the item become untargetted when it closes or completes its action (progress bar ends so why remain targetted? see interacting with mining ore for a good example of UI working well)

Second: I am also frustated by the fact of trying to get through some doors. I have opened the door and yet because of silly door trim or embellishments around the door I have to realign my position many times until the server allows me through the damned door. Is there a UI setting that allows you to automatically enter through a door once you have opened it?

Please note I have gone through the multitude of UI Settings three times, but haven't seen anything that applies. However, since there are so many settings I may have missed the above solutions.