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    Thumbs up Ilmadris PvMP 101

    Ok people, So started a few days ago and would like a quick summary on Ilmadris Freeps.

    -Who are the main freep Raid Leaders?
    -Who are the primary target assists for these raid leaders?
    -Who are the top players for every Class?

    Why are there so many Grams fights??????


    Corsek R5

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    Welcome to the moors mate, hope you're enjoying it. Now to answer your questions:

    1. Jango
    2. Jango
    3. Jango

    Also the grams camps are because of Jango

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    Be careful at grothum Lastcall and Malgil and other creeps come by every now and then looking for easy kills.

    If your by yourself and you see a craid run and the report it.

    Lalborn likes grouping so he'll join your grouo (Lalborn is me)

    Wargs are always following you.

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    Calling them grams fights is cute, but they are still grams camps.
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    Cool Welcome!

    First off, welcome. We need people out here. To answer your questions...

    1.) Main raid leaders are Apache and Jangofettin. Other than those 2 we don't really have any solid leaders.
    2.) Main assist targets in their raids are; themselves, and maybe 1 other dps class. We don't really use a healing assist for some odd reason on this server.
    3.)This will be a good list

    Minstrel: Apache, rank 13. Akia, rank 12 (if he comes back). Daenyras, rank 11. Droker, rank 11.

    Rune-keeper: Inacthas, rank 13 (if he comes back). Nya, rank 12. Liz, rank 11. Takumi, rank 10. Ona, rank 10

    Warden: Zannah, rank 12. Thecookiemonster, rank 11. Bamor, rank 11.

    Captain: Perodor, rank 11 (if he comes back). Deltrion, rank 10 (if he comes back). Phoenixash, rank 10. Rallying, rank 10.

    Lore-Master: Elthilioneth, rank 12. Svijetlana, rank 11. Arriou, rank 10. Coriantumr, rank 10

    Burglar: Dangoon, rank 12. Saffhire, rank 12. Maethar, rank 11 (if he comes back)

    Champion: Ranikki, rank 12. Meldo, rank 11. Hardkastle, rank 10.

    Hunter: Haeborwen, rank 12. Thandarnuir, rank 12. Jangofettin, rank 11.

    Guardian: Brickwall, rank 10 (if he comes back). Maddawg, rank 10. Arnyswartsangr, rank 10. Tomagon, rank 10.

    If you want creeps class leaders ask someone else. Also, don't get into the ezmode Grams camp &&&&. Earn your rank, don't farm it. You will feel much better about it.

    "Thinking you can do something is confidence; doing something is competence"
    Professorkeating, r12 War-Leader/ Ryzer, r13 Captain
    Skill and Valour, Landroval

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    The Grams camp is nowhere near as lame as the 3WL + 2Defiler + dps class + wargs that run around with the sole purpose to gank loners and pairs only to disappear at the whisper of a 6man group forming up. Man the &&&& is lame but ya when they hide in grams it ends up at grams.

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    Quote Originally Posted by b4jet9597 View Post
    Main raid leaders are Apache and Jangofettin. Other than those 2 we don't really have any solid leaders
    Love you too Phoenix.



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