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Thread: The Shak

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    The Shak

    Many of you already know, but I have injured my right hand and have had it in a brace most of the time (insert jokes here hahah). It is impossible to use the mouse and almost so to use the keyboard with the brace off. lately, i have been able to take it off for a time. So, the point is I'm not gone and will be back as i am able to use the controls. Good hunting, looks like there has been some fun in the Moors.

    THE Shak
    I'd ask you if you got the point....but the feathered shaft tells me you did.

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    must.. *eye twitch* refrain.. from.. jokes.. *spasm*

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    Awww hope you get better soon Shak.

    I did that a few months back and had to play one handed. That wasn't fun.

    Hope to see you back out there soon

    Ona -> Confetti - r8 Burglar // Funfetti - r7 Mini (Execution - Gladden)
    Demodex - r8 Warg // Bonana Split - r12 WL(Brandywine)

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    As long as you can hold a beer in the other hand...everything will be okay.

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    beer, well yes naturally. i'd have something made or get one of the beer hats if needed! yeah tendon in the right hand. I've been back a little recently, but unless it's THE Shak, i really can't do so well. the melee classes, in wich i stink anyhow, i am totally useless in atm.
    I'd ask you if you got the point....but the feathered shaft tells me you did.



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