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    Hunter Improvement Help?

    I've been playing a hunter for a while, and so far things have been going pretty well, except for that fact that I am currently running around Angmar, and it seems to be going out of its way to inform me that I don't have the best build (and yes, I know Angmar has a lot of group content, but I'm a flippin' hunter and should be able to solo the solo quests without dying or fleeing all the time). I've been researching build recommendations and suggestions, but I've yet to find one that feels right.

    Currently, I have a level 49 Bree-Land hunter (Dunedain Ranger theme; I'm a compulsive roleplayer), equipped with the best bow (longbow, not crossbow) and sword/dagger pair that I can find (no Legendaries, because I'm not starting on Volume II till I finish Volume I). I know that Agility is the hunter's primary stat, and that (by extension) the trait Determination is a must. I love Precision Stance for the focus generation and crit rates, though if I couldn't have that I'd go for Endurance (though I really do love Precision). I tend to prefer class traits from the Bowman and Huntsman lines. I don't use buffs very often (aside from item buffs like weapon oils or the occasional bow chant), but I suppose I could learn to do so.

    I'd give a complete listing of traits, but unfortunately I'm having to re-install the game right now. Any assistance in developing a personalized and effective build would be greatly appreciated.
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