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Thread: Free Raids

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    Free Raids

    Hey im 50 lvl and opened some new skirms like Rift of nurghashu and i know they are raids. But there arent any free raids. Siege of Gondamon and Trouble in Tuckbrough doesnt count becuse you cant get any good reward like LIs.

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    Yes, there aren't any 100% free raids. Rift is Angmar quest pack, Helegrod is Misty Mountains, Watcher/Turtle is Moria, Dar Nargubud is Lothlorien, Barad Guldur is Mirkwood, Ost Dunhoth is Enedwaith, Draigoch is standalone purchase, Orthanc is Isengard instance cluster, Flight to the Lonely Mountain / Fires of Smaug / The Battle for Erebor are Erebor instance cluster.

    You should note that when run at level cap (currently 85) skirmish raids drop some rather nice rewards, including teal gear, Symbols of Celebrimor and rare LI scrolls.



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