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    bug with power of fear?

    more so lately I've been getting small inductions with power of fear buff up, it's not the normal induction just much shorter maybe half a second or so but it is really annoying getting interrupted on a skill that should have been instant.

    I'm not lagging when it happens and it happens in many situations, i assumed power of fear just had an effect of:

    "if player casts "crack the whip" and player has buff "power of fear" reduce cast time of "crack the whip" by 1.5s, remove buff power of fear" and the like for every other heal, just minusing the induction instead of truly making it instant.

    so i messed around got a burglar to addle me and just sat there getting crits and healing, and in the case of when there was a very short induction to the "instant" heal addle made it noticeably longer.

    just wondering if it is truly a bug and if anyone else is having this problem?
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    Yes, I've seen this to, but PoF is another example of poorly implemented Turbine junk. It is helpful, but oh my is it unreliable.

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    ive noticed this too. ive also noticed it with my huntersss "instant" heartseeker. dunno why, its only a small % of the time, buit still annoying.
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