Hi i have a tailor fully guilded and fully crafted.I am really fed up because i want to make some lvl 75 armour for my hunter but to do that i hit not one but two walls which are
1 in order to do it from normal crafting and i want to crit i have to have and on my server it seems that scholars have not got recipe or just can't be arsed to tell me and make me some.

2 if i want to go guild way i can't do that either because u need and u need seven of them to make armour.

Now u say well what is problem well has a 6day cd and so if i want to use medium one i need three of them to make a large one but the mediums take 2 days cd,so thne if i want to make small ones to make mdeiums they take 18 hours and i need 7 small to make one medium so to make so many mediums it would take me for ever and by thne my hunter will have lvled.

So over all i am really pissed with turbine because why put recipes in guild if it is impossible to make full set or why it takes so long and so many to make the emblems i need.

Question is will it ever change and the answer is no,so why should i take my time in lvling my crafting up if it takes for ever to make the good armour.