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    Nov 2010
    United States

    I always knew that Ilen was OP

    But this is just super OP! RK Half Stealth FTW!!


    I never hurt no Creeps.

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    Aw, man. I think my eyes were closed.

    Dairren R9 Captain

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    psshhhhtt... so this is the rumor spreading around freepside. Every creep knows some warg ate his lower half.
    Chieftain Rayzr of Dwarrowdelf (Reaver)
    Footman Sakeri of Dwarrowdelf (Captain)

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    Isn't Ilen = Dairen?? If yes, hi dairr... bye dairrr... lololol

    Banoon LM
    Here WL (my r5 ranking blow is a DG quest muahahaha)

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    Sep 2010
    Tanar, are you practicing stealth without me?!

    Ilen, can I have RK lessons yet?
    [color=skyblue2]Stocky 95 RK[/color] - [color=violet]Lalwrence 85[/color] -[color=PaleGoldenRod] Dov 95 LM[/color] - [color=MediumVioletRed]Lallie 85 Mini[/color] - [color=springgreen]Meghan 85 Hunter[/color] - [color=tomato]Lalraen 85 Champ[/color]

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    That explains a lot, he is a dps rk with the ability to phase out into another dimension to reduce incoming

    damage by another 60%
    Shapcidrat SoM-RoR



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