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    Tasrache the greatest lotro player in the histrory of lotro

    just wanted to give a shout out to the greatest player that's ever graced their presence over the course of this game heck even every server that exists! By far dude you P*** excellence and I hope I grow up to be exactly like you in every way! Kudos man you're the best! You may have seen his posts in glff and freep/creep ooc if you do write a book about it think about it heck even make a religion about it cuz this is a guy that knows what he is talking about. He is the prophet of lotro and the czar of pvp he basks in perfection and knows nothing else but perfection and knows exactly how this game should be played!

    And for those slow enough to not know what im speaking of, sarcasm is a second language to me so bring it on! This server has far too many pacificst star huggers its pvp and like the wise gungus has spoken dying doesn't hurt! As for the backbone of pvp please realize when raiding is necessary against the creeps (hardly ever cept maybe and rarely on the weekends). And for everyone else who doesn't realize that this is a game and not life itself get over yourselves its a game and is meant to be fun. If you aren't having fun play something else, this game is dead and has been we are at purgatory accept your fate as a member of lotro since turbine no longer cares about pvp perhaps any aspect of this game and find a reason for yourself to play! Lets end the qqing and make this game as it should be....FUN and nothing else an escape from the horrible reality this world has left us with. Let the fun begin for once a responsible fun where freep/creeps are aware of how one affect the other!

    Aside from my drunken tasrache comment think before you act freeps please! Make the moors a place for us all!
    A friend to both sides Sic
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