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    Fishing Needs Some Loving

    I understand that fishing in all MMOs is used as time sinks. I have no issue with that. My issue is that fishing is a waste of time in this game. I would like to see less, a lot less, of the 1 copper vendors trash & more fish for the cooking skills

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    I've been playing for 5 years, and the first and only time I've fished was for the Hytbold dailies. And I have a cook who probably could have used the fish, but could make enough other good stuff that it didn't matter.

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    My personal opinion.

    Fishing is a feature that exists in Turbine first game Asheron's Call. Turbine decided that it would a low cost feature to import the AC code into Lotro. We basically got the AC fishing feature with updated artwork and a couple of extras like cooking recipes and trophies for our houses.

    The amount of fun with this limited feature was not enough to hold the players for very long. Turbine decided that it is a waste of limited valuable resources building a major mini game around fishing. It is pretty much a finished discontinued feature that occasionally gets a bit of use like a new daily repeatable quest.

    Lotro has a number of these features that do not rarely get any addiitons to them. They might get picked up once a year -licked on the face - put back down.
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    Ffxi update its fishing system back in the day. Turbine should update the current system to something more along the lines of wow. Make cooking fish worth something and those frydays mean something.

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    fishing needs some loving, i'd say hobbies need some loving... you have the choice to take the hobby you want... but you can choose only from fishing, fishing, fishing...
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    Inb4 the Fish2win threads ...

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    I heard a rumor they are focusing development on a new hobby.

    Auroch tipping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dodgarm View Post
    I understand that fishing in all MMOs is used as time sinks. I have no issue with that. My issue is that fishing is a waste of time in this game. I would like to see less, a lot less, of the 1 copper vendors trash & more fish for the cooking skills
    I agree, I don't even think it needs a major overhaul, just a tweak in the loot table percentages. You would have to spend so much time fishing to get a decent amount of fish worth cooking. They just need to increase the amount of usable fish caught. Then it wouldn't be such drudgery as it is now.

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    Slow In game travel, slow crafting, fishing... all remnants of the "subscribe to play" days when the more time consuming something was the better - for the games bottom line.

    With the F2P model they should make fishing more friendly for "rewards per hour spent" IMO.

    I want more wall trophies = the fish "group" trophies
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    When i did play a lot ( on a year break, kinda peaking in wanting that urge to play again for a few months now ) I would get bored and go fishing to kill time, then a buddy of mine would do the same, or we would go do deeds or something for hours and then take a break and fish in different areas of the world...one night around 2am we decided to make fishing more fun...

    we would gamble on who would fish out a 'purple' ( colored named fish ) and the person who got one first would win the pot, we started low at first, around 200 silver and kept raising the bet each time, this went on every night for a month lol...we eventually got up towards the 10g mark for the winnings. It was fun and thought about getting out kinship at the time to join in for some fun but nobody else wanted to besides 1 other friend whom would hang out.

    Other times me and some kin buddies would go all day just doing pretty much anything we needed done or went on fellowships and raids, then after we start to settle down we would just go to one of our homesteads all together and party at the house for awhile, end up going on the little piers to fish and play music for fun for awhile..

    Man i am really getting the itch to come back lol, but i can't yet, money troubles and other things going on in my life, in time i shall come back! i freaking miss it!!!!!!!!!!



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