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    Crafting is simply TOO slow!

    So here's the situation. I start crafting 143 ingots of Khazad iron, and I realize this is going to take a while. But I had no idea how long it would actually take.

    To give you an idea how long it takes, here's what I accomplished in the meantime:

    Started the hot water running in the kitchen.
    Went to the bathroom.
    Washed a large load of dishes including baking dishes that needed scrubbing.
    Set the dishes to dry in the drainer.
    Cleaned up the splash on the kitchen counters.
    Dried my hands.
    Picked out a snack.
    Returned to my computer.

    I was on 138 of 143!

    I didn't watch the clock, but that was probably something close to 15 minutes. And for simply smelting, that seems entirely too long. After all, when you truly DO smelt metals you tend to throw everything into a cauldron and just pour out the ingots in one go.

    If anything, it should be the item crafting that takes a while since its more involved work, but often item crafting takes LESS time than smelting. Tell me how that makes any sense?

    Yes, I realize you can buy speed crafting scrolls and all that nonsense. But I'd expect those to turn a 3 minute job into a 30 second job...... not a 15 minute job into a 12 minute job.
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