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    Smile The Northern Kingdom [TNK]- Recruitment


    Hello everyone,

    The Northern Kingdom kinship is now recruiting! It is my pleasure to present to all of you the wonders and features of this one of a kind kinship. From friendship to experience, raids to parties, interesting and intriguing conversations to animations, The Northern Kingdom strives to bring the best and most fun packed gaming experience to its members. We are not too big, not too small, but the perfect size for anyone seeking a kinship. We believe that winning, being the best, or being the most skilled isn't everything, but rather it is the fun, friendly, and warm nature provided that makes this kinship, as well as this game itself what it truly is. Not convinced? Below is an organized list of the things we do as not only a kinship, but as friends joined together in such an amazing game.

    Raiding and Group Content (Instances, Skirmishes, etc.)

    The Northern Kingdom aims to hit many aspects of Lord of the Rings Online, and one of those is instanced group content. Over our couple years of fitting ourselves into the game, we found that one of the things members tend to enjoy frequently is the content that encourages teamwork in an instanced environment. The Northern Kingdom is gradually climbing its way up the raiding ladder, and could always use an extra hand. As a member, you are introduced to the opportunity to tag along on all targeted raids, instances and skirmishes. We still have quite a good bit of raid goals to achieve, so don't miss out!

    Social Gatherings & Parties

    One of our favorites, social gatherings and events tend to really stand out among the crowd! One of the events we enjoy the most happens to be hosted monthly as a server-wide event. You may or may not have seen previous threads discussing it, but if not, here is the general idea-
    Players from all backgrounds gather in a single designated location of Middle Earth, usually a low level area. Once there, members have the option to spar others for fun and experience. Not convinced? One of the unique features of our spars is the encouraged consumption of in-game alcoholic beverages while engaging in a nude (no armor, weapons or jewelry) fist fight. Has someone questioned your skills, personal hygiene and/or ancestry? Then challenge them to a duel in this unique event hosted by The Northern Kingdom! (main thread located here https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...-Brawl-Success)

    The Northern Kingdom also tends to host in-game parties for different real life or in-game celebrations/notable events. One of these events includes a rerun of Angmar's one and only, Bogbereth! In late August, TNKers of all levels and classes set out to face off the giant spider matron herself (sometimes as a fist fight) in celebration of TNK's foundation.


    Not a whole lot to cover here. We have members of all crafts and tiers who are available to help out whenever it is needed. Our kinship chests are stocked with all sorts of ingredients, components and resources. Aside from that, one of our officers was generous enough to donate a kin house owned by one of his alts (and preserved by other alternate characters) for use of further storage.

    Alliances and Establishments.

    Currently, The Northern Kingdom is allied with the growing, well-structured and fun filled kinship, Watchers of Elendil. They have been by far the best allies TNK has ever managed to acquire. If you find that TNK isn't up to your expectations, then I highly recommend checking them out here- http://woelendil.shivtr.com/
    We also consider ourselves allied with kinships such as Cuthalion's Warriors, who help to co-host our server wide Spar Event.


    Currently, a portion of our members are also active in Minecraft:

    Youtube Productions

    One of, if not the most notable features within our kinship is the Animated Parody Series, developed, animated and voiced by Bothorn (Igetboredproductions on Youtube), along with the voices of many others. The series involves 6 episodes that tell the story of 5 adventurers who set out on a long, perilous journey of comedy to recover the long lost treasure kept hidden away within Helegrod, Misty Mountains. What they don't know is that an army of drakes, commanded by the undead dragon Thorog, await their arrival. The 5 heroes are 1) Bothorn, the brony. 2) Kaelalas, the immature kin-leader. 3) Konataluckystar, the anime nut. 4) Cowman, the dwarf in a dress. 5) Crazy Ned (not a real kinsman), an old, heavy man who follows Cowman around for unspecified reasons. Along the way, the viewer will encounter a few other kinsman, such as Arandeuil the over powered Lore Master, or Brunlend the mysterious dwarf. Our heroes also come across not-so-friendly characters, such as an annoying hobbit and Thorog himself! Join in on this fun-packed adventure here- http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.p...nimated-Parody!

    There is also a Halloween Special starring the cast from the main episodes.

    On a side note, we've been holding back on episode 6 for a while now. There are a few reasons for this. First off, it's going to be a long episode, lasting about 20-30 minutes. Secondly, Bothorn (the one in charge of this project) has been extremely busy lately with personal matters. However, the episode is currently in the works. We have no idea when it will be out. Guess you'll just have to wait and see, huh?

    General Information

    Server- Imladris (of course!)
    Site(s)- (Currently Unavailable)
    Rank- 10 (max)
    Life- about 3 years.
    Leader (at the time of this post)- Kaelalas
    Successor- Auroriana
    Contact to join- Kaelalas, Brunlend, Valarya, Auroriana, Dorren, Estelvain, Totorsama, and many others!
    Means of contact (within the kinship)- In-game, Forums (links above), Steam Member Group.
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