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    Sep 2011
    Meldos shed

    Congrats High Chieftain Malgil!

    First ever rank 13 creep on Imladris server. Gratz on that achievement, no one can take it from you now. Gifts can be mailed to Grothum. I'm sure the orcs there will be celebrating with their master
    Anyways awesome job!
    argio r11 burglar | trytofarmme r10 reaver | trytoloveme r10 spider | ikissedafreep r10 blackarrow | roargh r9 warleader | trytocatchme r9 warg |

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    Aug 2011
    Congrats!!Very well deserved rank for a great player and person to group with!

    I only fear what will happen to freep society if you stop watching tv while playing..

    Keep it up to r14!!
    Freep: Beerro, Graben, Delunes, TheBeard, Amatheon, Tunefast, Ataraxia
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    Congratulations Mal! Achieving Rank 13 creepside on such a small server as Imladris without using any form of boosts to help speed that rank along is something that will rarely ever happen, if will happen at all. This one's for the books!!



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    Hey Mal! Gratz Buddy! Shall we drink our beers in Groth? I Hope to see you more lately. Enjoy your skin!
    Medicate me, so I die happy. Money is no cure, but sickness so pure.

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    Thumbs up

    Congratz mal on rank 13 awsome achivment on this small server!!!
    Killed by Death

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    Oh cool, we get to kill a r13.
    Maybe it might move you up on the kill order, usually its like meh its just malgil next target.

    /jk congrats

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    Oct 2011
    Coevorden, Netherlands
    wooot, congratz mal
    R14 Defiler Ezmoding, R12 warleader Hydraah, R12 reaver Lubshag, R12 warg Landvaettir, R15 hunter Pewpewboom,
    R10 guardian Baforin, R9 hunter Baflo, R9 captain Adalwic

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    Grats Mal R13 spider skin is epic. Can't wait to see it Now onward to r14.

    Ona -> Confetti - r8 Burglar // Funfetti - r7 Mini (Execution - Gladden)
    Demodex - r8 Warg // Bonana Split - r12 WL(Brandywine)

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    Congratulations Malgil!

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    under a rock

    Grats Mal!!!

    Great to hear you pushed through. Too bad I wont be around to play with a R13. I'll drop by whenever time permits. (maybe this winter...lol) Have fun! Keep those goblins safe including alf... I like him too. XD
    [B]Creep Powa! [/B]
    Brandywine: R10 BA Shennanigannz
    Imladris: R9 Defiler Fitkotkoi; R10 Warg Shuklahgrim

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    Thanks guys. It wasn't the most fun I had in the moors, but that last day with Jojo, Pawz, Chewy, Tali and everyone else was pretty funny. Also, thx for the QQ from those couple freeps...lets me know I'm doing something right.

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    Mar 2011
    Moscow Russia
    Nemexida Imladris-Gladden mini 13 r
    I love u Creepies :P

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    Gratz mal

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    Jan 2011
    Grats Mal, well deserved!

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    Grats Mal!! Had some great fights w/ you up in Grothum. Got really close on some and some you caught me completely off guard. Props on the accomplishment!!
    Freeps: [b]OleDeadEye R9[/b] /Thrace R5
    Creeps(Brandy): [b]Isolfur R9[/b]

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    Thumbs up aloooooooo

    even after many days i can say congrats mal!!!
    you deserve that rank... enjoy your new skin ;P

    p.s. i hope to see you soon and group up with the other noobies and make again our small groups with the great fun!!!
    p.s. 2 i can imagine groth is a nightmare now for the freeps if there isnt any game in the tv... many kisses to bok :P
    imladris :Bobirinio Def R12, Lykaki Warg R11, Araxnh Weaver r10, Kagkouras Reaver r7, Toksoths BA r7, Bobiras LM R7 landroval: Aelaera Mini R12 , Bobirios Warden R8, Ellhnofreneia weaver r9 Snowbourne: Bobirios Warleader R8

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    Thumbs up Congrtaz

    Hey Mal, this is gotblood, was fun watching u ranking to rr13, think i enjoyed it as much as u, carry on my friend, r14

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    A late thanks to all those late congrats'....hope to see you all again soon



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