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    Who was your Moors Mentor?????

    Past threads have made about the conditions of how new commers steps in moors. That made me remember to whom i own my liking to moors. A bit more than a year ago i went vip just to unlocked swifts virtues for my new toons, seeing litle point of interesting in that entermoors thingy...That was until i observed a kin member spending most of his time in that area..He became the person who showed me the basics, took time to show me the places and willed to group and go for the hunt so i could have my firsts 1v1 ... he encouraged me after those starting fights ..also making sure i didnt die and when about to loose he just went for the needed kb..He took the time to jump on the diferent kind of creeps so to have the basic ideas of how to defeat different kinds of enemies ... experiences like that provided me the raw mats from where to build my still underconstruction game ...and its one exaple of how we can help new commers ..I thank Vyrack for his time and mentoring ..its pays to adopt and mentor a noob freep.

    I realize i left out other people that in a direct way ispired me :
    I learned a lot from 2 minstrel by watching what they did and secretly inspecting them : Mels and Rathziel (forgive my typing).
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