There are 30 houses in a neighborhood:
4 kinship
10 deluxe
16 standard

a.) Kinships tend to "occupy" a neighborhood and try to get as many members into a neighborhood, thus providing a disincentive for other kinships to make use of the other 3 kin houses in the neighborhood. It might be just me, but that housing area good be better used given enough time to come up with and employ a solution.
b.) It is easier to get gold now than it was years ago, and people have more decorations and items to go into those houses. One can quickly obtain 7-8 gold to buy a deluxe house. Bluntly, there is high demand for deluxe houses.
c.) I'm guessing the primary reasons people settle for standard houses is they are either F2P or they can't find a deluxe house open. Also, many F2P have unlocked the currency cap.

So with an excess of kin houses that individual players can't buy and kinships are being more picky, an excess of standard houses and a shortage of deluxe houses; shouldn't people consider not only storage, hook systems, etc..., but also consider the weighting, distribution, and proportions of what house types the neighborhoods have? Just a thought.

Thank you for your time